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Donna Goulette’s Story – In Her Own Words

· Donna Goulette tells us her story, and how she decided to apply for Transitions With Dr. Lori ·

Donna Goulette’s Story – In Her Own Words

Our second selected candidate for the 2018 season of Transitions With Dr. Lori,

Donna Goulette - 2018 Selected Candidate for Transitions With Dr. Lori

Donna Goulette – one of the first photos we took for the 2018 season of Transitions with Dr. Lori

Donna Goulette, is from Berlin, CT, and her story is equally unique and touching as Ellen’s. Here’s what she said to us in December:

“I was married for 37 years to a wonderful man who passed away in 2015 after spending 12 years in a wheelchair after a year in the hospital. In order to make his life as good as it could be I left my job to care for him. In those years I put him first and sort of let myself go.

I recently met a man and I want to start a new chapter in my life and would like to look the best that I can. I will also be welcoming my second grandchild in June.”

Donna has very painful varicose veins which are a serious burden for her – she can barely walk at times, and the cramps she gets at night are unbearable, not to mention the unsightly look on her left leg. She is really hoping that she would be able to play with her grand child – with no pain in her legs – and we certainly hope so too!

In addition, we are strongly encouraging Donna to quit smoking, and have decided to sponsor her Chantix prescription – completely free of charge. We can’t wait to see her transitioning to a strong, beautiful, happy and healthy woman, able to enjoy life, her new boyfriend, and her future grand child to the very fullest. Go Donna!

Stay tuned, more about Donna is on the way very soon!

Ellen Levenson’s Story – In Her Own Words

· Ellen Levenson's life journey, and what led to her application for Transitions With Dr. Lori ·

Ellen Levenson’s Story – In Her Own Words

Hi everyone,

Donna Goulette - selected candidate for Transitions with Dr. Lori

Ellen Levenson – one of the first photos we took for the 2018 season of Transitions with Dr. Lori

It is a genuine pleasure to introduce to you the first selected candidate for this year’s Transitions With Dr. Lori – Ellen Levenson. Ellen is an actress, lives in Manchester, CT, and came to us with a very moving story. The following is what she told us when she applied for Transitions:

“Even at 4 years old, I knew I wanted to be an actress. I still remember the applause from my family after my stirring rendition of “I’m a Little Teapot.”

Fast forward college, marriage, motherhood, divorce and a practical career.  I raised a beautiful intelligent daughter who recently received her Master’s degree and is settled into her first real job. 

While I enjoy my career, I’d be lying if i said I left my dream behind. When my mother passed away a few years ago, I enrolled in acting classes and had some success in a couple of commercials, an off-off-off Broadway play and a led in a successful web series. Unfortunately, job demands afforded less and less ability to audition and accept roles.

Fast forward again..I realize none of us is guaranteed a “do over” and I want to make the most of my opportunity. I’ve started working out with a trainer, eating healthier and ready to resume my pursuit of acting.

I still have the enthusiasm of my 4 year old self but I’d like the outside to match the inside.

Thank you for letting me tell my story. This makeover would be just the beginning of a continuing journey to have a shot at my dream…who knows, I might even start dating again!”

…And we certainly hope she does! We can’t wait to see Ellen’s journey as we help her transform herself inside and out.

Stay tuned – more about Ellen is coming up the next couple of days!

Begin Again, How Transitions Is Inspiring Me To Inspire Others.

Begin Again, How Transitions Is Inspiring Me To Inspire Others.


If you are climbing up and there is someone behind you, reach back and give them a hand.  It wasn’t long ago that I felt like all hope was lost but deep inside, I kept telling myself:

Tomorrow is another day…

Tomorrow is another day…

Perhaps tomorrow is THE day my luck will change.

For me, that day came, in part, when I met Doctor Lori Greenwald. She’s not just a doctor, she’s a visionary who is helping women to reinstate their self-esteem. Sure, you’ve seen a lot of the procedures I’ve already had done but the mission of Transitions goes deeper than that. Put it this way, it’s not just skin deep but rather, in your blood.

To me, Transitions is about beginning again and now is the time for change with the snow melting and the signs of spring already here.

Here’s a little more about my back story. I want to inspire others and show them that yes,  life can change on a dime for better or worse. However, I also want to show them that sometimes thinking outside the box and having a little faith, is all you need.

A Leap of Faith

 My story is painful for me to tell even after all these years. Like so many others during the recession, I lost my job as a human resource manager when our manufacturing plant was shut down and its jobs shipped overseas. This was my family. I thought I was going to retire there!

After searching for full-time work for nearly 10 years and taking any odd job that I could find, I knew something had to change; or rather, I had to change. What I was doing wasn’t working anymore and I knew I had to begin again! I defined myself by what I did and without work, I felt like I had lost who I was.

Boy, was I wrong.

It wasn’t until I let go that I learned to move on…

Time for change and a new game plan.

I realized at that epiphany in my life that I needed to be in control of my destiny. I no longer wanted to be an employee. I wanted to be my own boss. After much thoughtful planning and research, I found the answers for my desire to change, while brushing my teeth! Okay, kind of. 🙂

I’m launching my own business of environmentally friendly products including bamboo toothbrushes in May.

I dipped into my retirement savings but I believe the sales will allow me to more than recover my investment. With a new business like mine, financials are tricky. You can’t avoid all risk. I’ve had many expenses like UPC codes, the website costs, packaging, a logo – all these things I’ve financed as I was able. Now I’m finally buying products and I’m close to getting it out there.

So far everything’s working out. It’s a leap of faith. The finances, the sales, whatever my business will need will be there when I need it.

You stay active and move forward and things tend to work out. Like during my years of unemployment and underemployment, friends have helped keep me going. They’ve steered me to little jobs— sometimes close to minimum wage jobs—that have kept me afloat.

Keep Growing and Learning

And I gain motivation when I look around and see many other people who have started their own business, taken that leap of faith, and have made it. I met a gentleman who took a leap of faith with bouncy castles—those huge inflatables for kids’ parties. I could never do that. That had to be a big investment. But with hard work he’s turned it into a good business for himself.”

You have to let go of what you were and keep growing and keep learning and keep moving toward the future. If you don’t grow, you die sooner. Darn gone it, I’m not giving up!

I would love to hear from you about your transition!  Please  feel free to comment below and lets grow this mission together. After all, Transitions is a movement. I’d like you to come along with me. How will you begin again?

Wait, I Thought I Was 21?

Wait, I Thought I Was 21?

In some ways I consider myself a 21-year-old stuck in a 62-year-old’s body. I don’t mean to sound vain, but when I turned 21 years-old my mind seemed to stay there but my body, on the other hand, is not cooperating. 🙂

I still like to zipline, go whitewater rafting and travel the country. The only problem is, my veins in my legs do cause me some discomfort and let’s face it, I may be 62 year-YOUNG but I am not 21 years-OLD anymore. 🙂

I encourage everyone to try these things at least once in their lives and that is what I am hoping my transition will do for other people my age.  Don’t let people paint you into a corner or category because of your age.  Try new experiences, go on new adventures and constantly grow your mind. I don’t care if people look at me and think I am too old to ziplline, being adventurous thrills me and keeps me young at heart.

I may be 62 but I’m not stuck in the past. For example, I listen to today’s music. I’m not just listening to the music of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I’ve heard that music. I want something new now. Through adventures, music, and other things, I just keep looking forward.

Maybe this is another piece of the 21-year-old inside me. I built my first computer. It didn’t quite look like today’s latest computers but in the 1980s I took a course, a class. The leader had all the computer parts and walked us through how to put it together. I proudly walked out of that class with my first computer. That was exciting. I couldn’t afford to buy a computer at the time, but I could afford the class. I learned how to add more memory to my computer and I’d go with friends to computer shows and pick up a new hard drive or something and replace it myself. ”

I have a lot of passions. A major one I want to get back to is wood carving. I have all my tools but haven’t had the time because I’ve been working so many different jobs. I spent 10 years searching for another human resource management job like the one I lost when the company I planned to retire from closed its Connecticut office. That led to years of endless job searching and taking work at low wages just to pay the bills. Often I’ve had two low wage jobs at once. One time I had three jobs –at a convenience store, a rental store, and a hospital. I’d work six or seven days a week, get out of work at the convenience store at midnight and have to be at the hospital job at 5:30 a.m. It burnt me out real fast. I never saw my family and couldn’t make plans because I was always working.

So I’m reinventing myself. I used to define myself by my work. Now I define myself by who I am. The physical changes, the self-image changes, the confidence I’ll gain from Dr. Lori Greenwald’s work will help me succeed in my own business and in life.”

See what’s in store for Cynthia’s medical make-over here. 


Cynthia Washburn, Reinventing Herself And Her Career At Age 62

Cynthia Washburn, Reinventing Herself And Her Career At Age 62

This former human resource executive searched for work for nearly a decade. Now in her 60s, Cynthia’s ready to launch her own business with her own products, and be her own product spokesperson. She wants to look and feel her best for this exciting career change. In work, in appearance, in life—Cynthia’s letting go of who she was to become who she now passionately wants to be.

Shelly Sindland reports on how Cynthia needed to let go in order to move on.