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Treatment Options for Donna

Hi everybody,

When Donna came to us, she reported tiredness, heaviness, restlessness, night cramping, and pain in her legs, especially the left one. The main reason for that is her venous disease – which we will take care of here at our Bloomfield, CT office.

In the video above Dr. Greenwald goes through Donna’s treatment procedure and explains every step of the way. Dr. Greenwald will use a Venaseal Closure system, which will improve the blood flow by sealing the diseased vein. From that point on, blood will be flowing through the rest of Donna’s veins – with no long run side effects. The BEST part: the effect from that procedure will be virtually overnight. We are so excited to see Donna smile again and being able to play with her grand daughter when we are done with this procedure!

Check out the video above to see how everything will be done.

Why Donna’s Legs Hurt

· Venous Disease Debunked ·

Varicose veins, heaviness/tiredness, throbbing, aching, swelling, restlessness, painful cramping at night – those are the symptoms Donna came to us with. She’s been having them for way too long – and  Dr. Greenwald gives us a detailed insight where all that comes from.

Interested in finding out what the solution to all that is? Stay tuned, it’s coming soon to a computer near you.


Vein Disease Is One Of The Most Common Reasons Why People Miss Work.

· Featured Treatment This Week: Treating Vein Disease. ·

Vein Disease Is One Of The Most Common Reasons Why People Miss Work.

Dr. Lori Greenwald Talks About Treating Vein Disease While Treating Spider Veins On Judi Kirkpatrick’s Legs.

Dr. Greenwald: I pretty much took away the whole cluster. I like to move the medicine around a little.

Reporter Question: What does this do in laymen’s terms?

Dr. Lori Greenwald: It essentially collapses the veins and then they are absorbed through the body. So, these are not veins that serve any function. They are not doing anything important. Sometimes people say they throb a little bit; sometimes people say they can itch. Sometimes people say they feel like something is crawling on their leg; it’s actually a burst of spider veins that open up.

On the spectrum of veins sizes

 Dr. Greenwald: Dealing with spider veins. you are dealing with small veins, and then after that, the names of the veins change based on the size of the veins. Anything less than four millimeters is considered more of a spider vein. Anything, four millimeters or greater, that by definition, is a varicose vein.

Most people say spider veins itch and can cause some discomfort. Spider veins are considered cosmetic. Nothing will happen to you if you don’t take care of them. When it comes to varicose veins, then you are dealing with a true quality of life issue. If you have a job where you are standing all day and you have broken veins or broken valves, then you are going to be in a lot of discomfort.

Aching, throbbing, fatigue–it clearly impacts your quality of life.

And veins, venous disease—happens to be the number one condition that is responsible for the most days lost from work. It impacts old and young and think of all the people who stand during the days, nurses, chiefs, hairstylists…So, it makes more sense to treat the people, who are losing days from work with some very simple office-based procedures then putting them on short-term disability so they can’t go to work.

Do you know what to look for when looking for a vein specialist?

Don’t be fooled by all the others who claim to be the best. Read the first part in a series of informative blogs written by  Dr. Bruce Stein on what to look for when evaluating veins centers.


Doctor Lori Greenwald Preforms Vein Procedure

Doctor Lori Greenwald may have temporarily lost her voice but her mission to transform women’s lives is as strong as ever. For weeks now,  the two winners of our Transitions medical make-over have been undergoing several procedures from our Med Spa services but this week, cancer survivor and soon to be mother-of-the-bride, Judi Kirkpatrick,  underwent procedures for the painful veins in her legs. Judi says the veins in her legs cause her major pain and burning especially when she has been on her feet all day. Dr. Greenwald preformed several procedures to alleviate that pain and more work needs to be done over the next several weeks. Check out the video from one of the procedures Dr. Greenwald preformed. Judi said she felt a little pinch, then a little burning and then the pain was gone. Read more here to learn about the personal moments Dr. Lori and Judi shared before the procedure.