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Judi’s Dress Fiasco

· With her daughter's wedding only days away, Judi finds herself scrambling to find a dress. ·

As Mother-of-the-Bride, I should be calming my daughter down in these final days before the wedding, but my daughter had to calm ME down because the dress I had shipped to Texas didn’t fit!!!!! It was the third dress I ordered online from the same company and I thought for sure that number three would be the charm. That’s not what happened. The first dress I ordered was too small; the second one, too big (and it couldn’t be altered); and this one was too small – again! I freaked out. But my daughter Hillary took control, driving me to David’s Bridal on Friday and – thank God – I found the perfect dress. Not what you want to be dealing with when you are in charge of the wedding!

I do take great comfort in knowing how much better I look heading into this wedding versus my son’s wedding a year and a half ago. The cancer really ravaged me, making me look a decade older; I didn’t recognize the woman in those wedding pictures. Now, I feel so relaxed and confident about my appearance thanks to Dr. Lori. I actually look forward to seeing the pictures! It also helps that everyone down here keeps telling me how great I look. My future son-in-law Charlie told me he’s seen a dramatic difference in my appearance since April when I came for the shower. Not surprising because I’ve had multiple treatments in the past seven weeks: Botox; filler in my chin, cheeks, and lips; multiple HydraFacials and an IPL treatment on my neck. I feel completely rejuvenated, as if the 10-years that cancer added to my appearance have magically melted away in the past six months. I’ve also been given some great make-up tips for the wedding so I know I will be looking my absolute best. I’m sure the tears I shed when I look at these photos will be tears of joy, not tears of pain.

The truth is I still have so much to do before Saturday that I really haven’t focused too much on my appearance! My big worry is getting the room ready for the reception. We have five hours on Friday afternoon to transform a conference room at The Bravos Center into a magical ballroom. I’ve designed most of the decorations myself: we’ll be covering the white walls with sheers and twinkling white lights, adorning all of the chairs with bows, and setting up the photo booth – a lot of work for our crew of six people! Once that’s finished, it’s on to the rehearsal dinner! I’m so excited and anxious; it’s hard for me to settle down. I am so excited for my daughter’s wedding. She says she is gladly sharing the day with me but all eyes will be on her. She is so beautiful inside and out; and I’m just so proud to be her mother. I just want to look and feel my best for her. I want her to be proud of me.

Thank-you Dr. Lori Greenwald, Amanda, and Jodi for helping me get back to who I was before I had cancer. I’m so excited for Saturday on so many different levels.

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Judi’s Transition With Dr. Lori Is Almost Here!

· Judi Kirkpatrick is getting really close to her Transition with Dr. Lori. ·

Judi’s Transition With Dr. Lori Is Almost Here!

Wow. That went fast. We met Judi Kirkpatrick, a former small town Mayor originally from Texas, in January and here we are just a few days away from her daugther’s wedding in Texas on June 3rd.

And while we would love to show you some of Judi’s pictures from her pre-wedding makeover at Studio Mac Salon in Windsor, we can’t just yet. Sorry. We don’t want to ruin the surprise for Judi and her daughter. We are not trying to be cruel here but we can tell you, Judi looked amazing with her new hairstyle, highlights and make-over. Thanks to salon owner Cathy and her awesome daughter for doing Judi’s hair and make-up.

Judi reached out to Dr. Lori Greenwald of Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa back in January, looking for help with her transition as  Mother-of-the Bride.  However, dig a little deeper and you’ll see Judi’s transition with Dr. Lori is really so much more. Judi survived a rare form of cancer but her aggressive form of chemotherapy prematurely aged her. Her son Scott was married in 2015 and that’s when Judi realized she no longer looked liked the person she was before the biggest battle of her life.

“I am so grateful to be alive,” Judi said “but when I look at pictures of myself from my son’s wedding, I see a person who has been through a lot.”

Judi’s goal is to wipe the memories of her battle with cancer from her reflection. Thanks to Dr. Lori Greenwald, she is almost there! BE SURE to follow us on Facebook because we will be broadcasting live from Facebook at the Texas wedding on June 3rd for part one of Judi’s Transition with Dr. Lori! If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to LIKE US here. 

Judi will have her official reveal on Better Connecticut June 29th with Dr. Lori Greenwald. Until then, enjoy this playlist of Judi’s Journey including the first time we spoke with her about her battle to escape her past.

Six things to look for in evaluating vein centers – Part 1

· Know the facts. Ask the right questions. ·

Six things to look for in evaluating vein centers – Part 1

Everyone tells you that they are the best. How can you evaluate all of these vein centers? I will give you a list of six things in two parts that you can use to evaluate these vein centers. Here is the first list of three things to look for.  I will list another three in next week’s blog post.

The biggest questions you need to answer and ask are:

  1. What technology do they use at the vein center? Varicose veins are treated by passing a catheter or plastic tube into the vein. This catheter is slowly withdrawn. As it is withdrawn heat is applied. This heat can be generated by a laser or by radiofrequency. These technologies are not the same. Laser therapy penetrates deeper into the surrounding tissue and causes much greater soft tissue damage. You can see a video demonstrating the difference in the September 11th blog post. Due to the greater tissue damage there is more pain after the procedure. Laser also causes more bruising and it takes longer for the leg to heal.
  2. Is it a full-time vein center? – A lot of so-called vein centers do not focus on treatment of vein disease. They may be run by a vascular surgeon who is very busy with his/her non-vein patients. Same thing applies to a radiology practice that does a small number of vein procedures. Phlebology (the study of vein diseases) is its own field with a great number of subtleties. New studies and information is always coming out. Only a full time phlebologist (vein specialist) can keep abreast of all these advances.
  3. Do they have a board certified phlebologist (vein specialist)? – You need to be able to differentiate among the various vein centers out there. One way to do this is to look for board certification. This certification is awarded by the American Board of Phlebology. In order to receive this prestigious designation the practitioner needs to show that they have performed a certain number of treatments and ultrasounds. They also have to pass a rigorous exam. You can feel more secure in the hands of a board certified phlebologist. You can find out if your physician is board certified at
  4. Well, that’s it for today. I will give you the next three tips on how to evaluate all these vein centers next week.

Transitions Featured On Better Connecticut

Transitions Featured On Better Connecticut

Better Connecticut’s Host Kara Sundlun caught up with Cynthia Washburn and Judi Kirkpatrick to see their transitions underway! Check out Cynthia getting the PRP Facial and Judi getting a HydraFacial MD.  Doctor Lori Greenwald also made painful veins in Judi’s legs virtually disappear.


Cynthia’s Video Playlist

Cynthia’s Video Playlist

Be sure to watch Cynthia’s Transition from beginning to end, with the big reveal date in June!

This former human resource executive searched for work for nearly a decade. Now in her 60s, Cynthia’s ready to launch her own business with her own products, and be her own product spokesperson. She wants to look and feel her best for this exciting career change. In work, in appearance, in life—Cynthia’s letting go of who she was to become who she now passionately wants to be.

Shelly Sindland reports on how Cynthia needed to let go in order to move on.

Judi’s Video Playlist

Judi’s Video Playlist

Watch Judi’s Transition right here from beginning to end with her big reveal set for June!

A 57-year-old former small town mayor, Judi can’t wait for her only daughter’s upcoming wedding but she hates seeing herself in pictures. Judi battled a rare form of cancer and won but her treatment prematurely aged her. She was fed arsenic, a poisonous substance, through a port in her chest for 28 days in order to save her life but the treatment caused both visible and emotional reminders. With Dr. Lori Greenwald’s help, this soon-to-be mother of the bride will get her groove back, and herself back, for her daughter’s wedding in June.

Shelly Sindland reports on Judi’s journey and how she hopes to escape the daily reminders of her battle with cancer from her reflection.

Monday Memory, Doctor Lori Greenwald Announces Transitions Winners Live On Better Connecticut

Monday Memory, Doctor Lori Greenwald Announces Transitions Winners Live On Better Connecticut

Spoiler alert! Chances are you’ve already seen this clip if you are here following Cynthia Washburn and Judi Kirkpatrick’s Transitions. But just incase you are just starting to follow their journeys, we wanted to rewind a little to February 10th! That’s when Dr. Lori Greenwald of Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa surprised both Cynthia and Judi that they both were going to move on as winners of our Transitions Medical Make-over. 🙂