I Feel Like Cinderella

· And Dr. Lori is my fairy godmother. ·

Transitions with Dr. Lori co-winner Judi Kirkpatrick.

Wallingford, Connecticut: Dr. Lori Greenwald visits Judi’s home to see the amazing results in person, all this while cameras are rolling.

Dr. Lori Greenwald tells Transitions co-winner Judi Kirkpatrick, “I can see the confidence in you is back. I see the person you were before you had cancer, before your life changed in an instant. I see Judi, not cancer-survivor Judi, but Mayor Judi, Mother Judi, Just Judi.  I am so honored to have played a role in your Transition with me.  You are such a good person, down to your core, and you deserved this pick-me-up, and I am a better person for knowing you. 

Judi’s Transition with Dr. Lori started five months ago when she asked for Dr. Lori’s help to erase the painful reminders from her battle with cancer. Judi survived a rare form of cancer but ultimately, the chemotherapy which saved her life (arsenic) prematurely aged her. She wanted Dr. Lori’s help to look and feel her best for her daughter’s wedding in June.

“You’ve changed my life and I will never forget what you did for me,” Judi said. “I feel like I’m Cinderella at the ball and you are my fairy godmother.”

Dr. Lori Greenwald Of Vanishing Veins And Vivesse Med Spa, talks with Judi about “Life After Transitions” –The Journey To Today.

Judi underwent several procedures to soften the impact from her chemotherapy including Pixel Laser Skin Resurfacing, Juvashape, IPL, Botox,  Filler, a series of anti-aging facials and the best skin care available. Judi also had her painful veins taken care of by Dr. Lori Greenwald, voted one of Connecticut’s most trusted vascular surgeons. Follow her journey and see photos from her procedures below. Schedule a free consultation for Med Spa services by filling out this form here.  Dr. Greenwald would also like to thank Dr. Bradley Daar, who owns dental practices in Manchester and Old Saybrook, for giving Judi something even more to smile about with new veneers. Judi, whose teeth were badly stained from medicine, says she feels even younger now with her brighter smile and her Transitions medical makeover. 

Watch Judi’s Transition from beginning to end.


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Cynthia’s Dramatic Transition With Dr. Lori

· Dr. Lori Greenwald helped to reinstate my self-esteem. ·

How Cynthia Got Her Groove Back.

Dr. Lori helped to reinstate my self-esteem.

Cynthia Washburn had her big reveal today on Better Connecticut. This unemployed human resource manager wanted Dr. Lori’s help to launch a new career and transition into a new phase in her life. Cynthia will soon be pitching her own products on YouTube and wanted Dr. Lori’s help to look and feel her best in front of the camera. After dozens of medical aesthetic and vein procedures, Cynthia’s got her groove back, thanks to Dr. Lori. Greenwald.

Cynthia had it all done, as far as aesthetic medical procedures go.  Dr. Lori Greenwald’s Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa gave her the five-star treatment and we had a lot of fun doing it.  🙂  However, by no means do you need all these procedures to look and feel your best. Our practitioners start with your biggest concerns first and address your needs with a plan that is comfortable and affordable for you.

Cynthia started off with IPL photorejuvenation therapy, then she had a series of PRP facials with plasma growth factors and microneedling. Cynthia also had  Kybella for the submental fat underneath her chin, Juvashape to tighten the skin on her neck, Botox, Fillers  and sclerotherapy to treat her spider veins in her legs. She also had several hydrafacials, chemical peels and started a new skin care regiment!

 Watch Cynthia’s journey from beginning to end.

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Want To Get Lush Lashes? Here’s how.

· How to get dramatic results like Judi. ·

Want To Get Lush Lashes? Here’s how.

Luxurious lashes are all the rage right now and Transitions Co-winner Judi Kirkpatrick is batting her eyelashes and getting a lot of attention.“People ask me all the time if I have on extensions or fake eyelashes,” Kirkpatrick says, “I tell them, no; my eyelashes are courtesy of Latisse.”

Kirkpatrick has been using Latisse since January when she won Transitions with Dr. Lori, a medical make-over journey that helps women transition into a new stage in their lives. For Judi, her “Transition” is from cancer survivor to Mother-of-The-Bride.

“I’m amazed at just how much my eyelashes have grown,” Kirkpatrick said. “I just use my favorite drug-store mascara. The wow-factor really comes from using Latisse during the last few months.”

Judi’s dramatic eyelash transformation brings up a good question: what’s the best and most cost-effective way to enhance your natural eye lashes? As we mentioned, eye lash extensions seem to be the rage but they do come with some unpleasant side effects. The extensions are fibers that are glued to your existing lashes; a process that takes at least two hours for a full set. Or you can opt for an FDA-approved prescription – Latisse – that stimulates lash growth. Jodi, the Medical Aesthetician at Vivesse Med Spa, says a lot of clients come to her in search of Latisse after they’ve had a bad experience with the extensions, “We see people who are sick of the maintenance and the glue can weaken the lashes and sometimes make them fall out.”

That’s exactly what happened to Julia, a professional in the beauty business: “I had the extensions for seven months straight. When all of the lashes fell off, I felt like I had lost a lot of my natural lashes.” But Julia admits, “I absolutely loved every minute of them.” For her, the major drawback was price: $300 for a full set and $75 for a refill. Beauty websites recommend a touch-up every six weeks because in a month, half of the extensions fall out along with the natural lash – the normal growth cycle.

The glue used in the extension process can also cause discomfort for people because it contains formaldehyde or other chemicals. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, there’s a list of potential side effects: swollen lids, eyelid or cornea infection, and temporary or permanent loss of eyelashes. At Vivesse Med Spa, Jodi has treated clients who’ve suffered some of these symptoms, “Most of my patients who’ve used the extensions, the glue has harmed their lashes.” Ashley- another lash aficionado who works in the beauty industry- says the glue started to burn her eyes and she eventually became allergic to it. So now she opts for the drug-store falsies when she wants a dramatic look for a special event. Ashley says her daughter freaked out the first time she came home with the extensions because they were so long, “She thought it looked like I had spiders on my eyelids!”

Many beauty fashionistas love that spider look; if they can’t accomplish it with extensions, they opt for Latisse. “My clients swear by it,” says Jodi. Her typical client has sparse eyelashes that are very fair.

The active ingredient in Latisse is bimatoprost, which was initially approved by the FDA in 2001 to treat glaucoma. Patients started noticing longer, thicker, darker eyelashes as a side effect. Seven years later, the drug was marketed as a beauty product, promoting lash growth for people who lost their lashes, such as chemo patients.

Jodi does caution that not everyone can use Latisse and recommends women book a free consultation first to see if the product is right for them. Jodi says the product is very easy to use: a nightly application to the top of the lid for three months. It takes about one to two months for patients to start seeing results and they are usually dramatic: “ Lashes are luscious, dramatic, long and thick!”

Fill out this contact form for a free consultation to see if Latisse is right for your or call  Vivess Med Spa at 860-761-6666



Judi’s Dress Fiasco

· With her daughter's wedding only days away, Judi finds herself scrambling to find a dress. ·

Judi’s Dress Fiasco

As Mother-of-the-Bride, I should be calming my daughter down in these final days before the wedding, but my daughter had to calm ME down because the dress I had shipped to Texas didn’t fit!!!!! It was the third dress I ordered online from the same company and I thought for sure that number three would be the charm. That’s not what happened. The first dress I ordered was too small; the second one, too big (and it couldn’t be altered); and this one was too small – again! I freaked out. But my daughter Hillary took control, driving me to David’s Bridal on Friday and – thank God – I found the perfect dress. Not what you want to be dealing with when you are in charge of the wedding!

I do take great comfort in knowing how much better I look heading into this wedding versus my son’s wedding a year and a half ago. The cancer really ravaged me, making me look a decade older; I didn’t recognize the woman in those wedding pictures. Now, I feel so relaxed and confident about my appearance thanks to Dr. Lori. I actually look forward to seeing the pictures! It also helps that everyone down here keeps telling me how great I look. My future son-in-law Charlie told me he’s seen a dramatic difference in my appearance since April when I came for the shower. Not surprising because I’ve had multiple treatments in the past seven weeks: Botox; filler in my chin, cheeks, and lips; multiple HydraFacials and an IPL treatment on my neck. I feel completely rejuvenated, as if the 10-years that cancer added to my appearance have magically melted away in the past six months. I’ve also been given some great make-up tips for the wedding so I know I will be looking my absolute best. I’m sure the tears I shed when I look at these photos will be tears of joy, not tears of pain.

The truth is I still have so much to do before Saturday that I really haven’t focused too much on my appearance! My big worry is getting the room ready for the reception. We have five hours on Friday afternoon to transform a conference room at The Bravos Center into a magical ballroom. I’ve designed most of the decorations myself: we’ll be covering the white walls with sheers and twinkling white lights, adorning all of the chairs with bows, and setting up the photo booth – a lot of work for our crew of six people! Once that’s finished, it’s on to the rehearsal dinner! I’m so excited and anxious; it’s hard for me to settle down. I am so excited for my daughter’s wedding. She says she is gladly sharing the day with me but all eyes will be on her. She is so beautiful inside and out; and I’m just so proud to be her mother. I just want to look and feel my best for her. I want her to be proud of me.

Thank-you Dr. Lori Greenwald, Amanda, and Jodi for helping me get back to who I was before I had cancer. I’m so excited for Saturday on so many different levels.

BE sure to follow us on Facebook Saturday for live updates and pictures.

Cynthia’s Competing Themes

· Overseas Communication Delays Impacting Cynthia's Business. ·

Cynthia’s Competing Themes

I feel like my life has two competing themes right now: Everything All at Once versus Patience is a Virtue. Between moving out of my house and hurtling back into a 40-hour a week schedule, I’ve been straight out. But, I’m forced to have the patience of a saint as I wait for the next step of my business. I’m supposed to get the first samples of my Bunnuku toothbrush by Friday but I’m not so sure that’s going to happen. The communication delay with the manufacturing company in China is really frustrating : I send an email (middle of the night in China) and they respond (middle of the night in Middletown). So there’s a day and half lag time before I get an update. I’m forced to wait and it’s backing up my marketing plans to approach stores like Stop and Shop and Whole Foods. I can’t record my video for YouTube because I need my product in hand- so that’s on hold, too. I just need to be patient; something I’m not so good at. I just heard from my Business Coach Kim Kasparian this week so I need to update her on the delays. I’m glad she’s just checking in on me because it keeps me on task.

I realize just how brave I am with this business venture when I compare myself to my classmates and where they are at this stage of their lives. After catching up with them at my 45th Reunion, it’s obvious most of them are in retirement mode, while I’m sort of in overdrive, consumed with reinventing myself. When I told them about Bunnuku, they were really taken aback: “Toothbrushes, really?” I got that a lot. But when I explained the biodegradable aspect, they understood the appeal and told me they were happy for me. I explained that once I get the business off the ground, I will also be easing into retirement. My plan is to meet up with my brother Glenn and sister-in-law Sharon in Florida by October.  Definitely one of the ‘bennies” of having a website business: you can do it while you’re constantly on the move!

Judi’s Transition With Dr. Lori Is Almost Here!

· Judi Kirkpatrick is getting really close to her Transition with Dr. Lori. ·

Judi’s Transition With Dr. Lori Is Almost Here!

Wow. That went fast. We met Judi Kirkpatrick, a former small town Mayor originally from Texas, in January and here we are just a few days away from her daugther’s wedding in Texas on June 3rd.

And while we would love to show you some of Judi’s pictures from her pre-wedding makeover at Studio Mac Salon in Windsor, we can’t just yet. Sorry. We don’t want to ruin the surprise for Judi and her daughter. We are not trying to be cruel here but we can tell you, Judi looked amazing with her new hairstyle, highlights and make-over. Thanks to salon owner Cathy and her awesome daughter for doing Judi’s hair and make-up.

Judi reached out to Dr. Lori Greenwald of Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa back in January, looking for help with her transition as  Mother-of-the Bride.  However, dig a little deeper and you’ll see Judi’s transition with Dr. Lori is really so much more. Judi survived a rare form of cancer but her aggressive form of chemotherapy prematurely aged her. Her son Scott was married in 2015 and that’s when Judi realized she no longer looked liked the person she was before the biggest battle of her life.

“I am so grateful to be alive,” Judi said “but when I look at pictures of myself from my son’s wedding, I see a person who has been through a lot.”

Judi’s goal is to wipe the memories of her battle with cancer from her reflection. Thanks to Dr. Lori Greenwald, she is almost there! BE SURE to follow us on Facebook because we will be broadcasting live from Facebook at the Texas wedding on June 3rd for part one of Judi’s Transition with Dr. Lori! If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to LIKE US here. 

Judi will have her official reveal on Better Connecticut June 29th with Dr. Lori Greenwald. Until then, enjoy this playlist of Judi’s Journey including the first time we spoke with her about her battle to escape her past.

The End Of An Era.

· Cynthia moves out of her house ·

The End Of An Era.


It’s’s happening. I’m in the final stages of the Big Move! It hasn’t felt “real” until last week when my brother Glenn and his wife Sharon showed up for the final push of packing. They rolled in with their RV from Florida, swooping in to help me finish up some of the boxes before the movers showed up this week to take a shipment into storage. Their timing was incredible! I had a week to go before the movers showed up and I was still knee-deep in boxes and bubble wrap before they came. I really fell like the stars are aligning in my favor now – a far cry from how things were going over the past few years.

My sister-in-law Sharon is great because she can make practical decisions on what to keep and what to toss. It’s kind of crazy how many wine glasses I’ve accumulated over the years – that’s for sure. But I guess that’s what happens when you live in the same house your entire life. The packing process has taken a lot longer than I expected because we’re packing for my own personal “RV” –the one I will retire in – and for long-term storage. While I have a ways to go before I end up trailing Sharon and Glenn across the country in my own RV, it definitely feels like I’m moving into the next phase of my life. I’m just amazed at how fast a clip things are going!

I can tell Glenn is floored by how much I’ve accomplished in the past few months. He saw me back in January before I started the treatments with Dr. Lori when my Bunnuku business was in the conceptual stage. When I showed him my “before pictures the other day, he told me I looked a decade younger now. Even though I knew that, it means so much more coming from one of my older brothers. It’s so great to have him here for all of the encouragement! It makes me realize just how much I miss him and how far I’ve really come!

Cancer Survivor Judi Kirkpatrick Featured On Better Connecticut.

· Judi Kirkpatrick's Transition is coming into the final stretch. ·

Cancer Survivor Judi Kirkpatrick Featured On Better Connecticut.

Kara Sundlun with Better Connecticut talks with Judi Kirkpatrick about her Transitions medical make-over with Dr. Lori Greenwald.  Judi’s transition combines her battle with cancer and her daughter’s upcoming wedding–when her past meets her future. To watch this emotional story click here. 

Dr. Lori Greenwald talks about Judi’s transition and what inspires her about Judi’s story.







Aunt Cindy, The Lifeline.

· Cynthia says her neices are the children she never had ·

Aunt Cindy, The Lifeline.


Cynthia’s Niece Allison Sends A Video Greeting From The West Coast!

Aunt Cindy, My Best Friend.

The way Jillian Washburn tells it, her Aunt Cindy was the only person who kept her sane during her teenage years “when my parents were driving me nuts! She never judged and there was a lot to judge.”

Even though Jillian and her older sister Allison live some 3-thousand miles away in Bend, Oregon, Jillian considers her aunt her best friend: “I can’t count the times I called her just to listen and laugh.”

“She has the greatest sense of humor and she’s really fun,” according to Allison. Allison and Jillian’s Dad is Cynthia’s brother. It’s been four years since they last saw their aunt.” During that time, Allison had her second daughter, two-year old Hadley; her older daughter Ayla just turned six. “My daughters are missing out on an amazing lady,” Allison said.
Jillian’s 14-year old son Evan knows just how amazing Aunt Cindy is. She took the two of them to Alaska in 2009 when Evan was six. “She took us salmon fishing, which was – and still is- Evan’s greatest passion!” The trip meant a great deal to Jillian, as well, since she was a single mom and could never have afforded it: “She paid for and invited us both when I was a lost young mom and I had no visions of being able to take him anywhere anytime soon.” She says her aunt was obsessed with the bald eagles during the trip: “She couldn’t keep her eyes or her camera off the bald eagles. Evan caught his first huge fish and she was off filming eagles! It’s one of our numerous inside jokes.”

It’s been rough on the sisters hearing about how much difficulty their fun-loving aunt has endured in the past few years. “I know Aunt Cindy has had a lot of ups and downs lately after she lost her job. She’s worked all sorts of odd jobs to make ends meet. It’s been tough especially as a single lady,” says Allison. “I feel awful that the whole weight of the world was on her shoulders especially when my grandma was sick,” Jillian remembers, “She was there  every single day and  then took on the responsibility of the family home. I can’t imagine how hard that time was and how lost she felt.”

Going through all of the upheaval in the past ten years without her West Coast nieces nearby has been grueling for Cynthia. “They’re like my daughters. I don’t have children of my own but I have them. I call Allison my Gorgeous” and Jillian my Beautiful.”  Her other niece Vicki–my Adorable–is a close friend’s daughter and lives in Connecticut. Cynthia is in constant contact with her. Vicki considers “Cioci” –aunt in Polish – a lifeline too, naming her a bridesmaid in her wedding two years ago. “Since as young as I can remember, Cioci has been playing under tables with me. I knew she’d be spunky enough to pull it off.” Vicki says it took a little bit of convincing on her part, but Cynthia finally signed on and was “the perfect bridesmaid.”

The West Coast nieces don’t have the regular interaction that Vicki has with their aunt, but they still feel incredibly close to her. Jillian considers Cynthia “the glue that always held my Dad and I together.” Allison tries to talk to her on the phone at least once a month. She says she’s noticed a big change in her aunt’s self-esteem and outlook recently, “There’s a spark in her voice that I haven’t heard in a long time.” Allison chalks it up to all the treatments she’s received as a Transitions winner, “She’s super excited about the transformation.” The sisters hope this is the beginning of Cynthia’s luck changing. They’re both thrilled she’s pursuing her own business venture with Bunnuku. “She sounds excited again! Kudos to her to find something she’s passionate about,” says Allison, “ I can hear her smile when we talk!”

Jillian longs to hear her aunt’s infectious laugh in person: “I remember her making up these silly rabbit stories for Evan and him just laughing…you couldn’t control the two of them. She was always game for a pillow fight! She truly is one of the funniest people I know.” Jillian’s wish is to see her aunt soon, “I continually offer her a room hoping she comes and stays forever – or even a week. I don’t care we just want to see her!”

Judi’s Dramatic Transition With Dr. Lori In Progress!

· Judi Kirkpatrick's Transition is coming into the final stretch. ·

Judi’s Dramatic Transition With Dr. Lori In Progress!

Judi Kirkpatrick’s Transition is coming into the final stretch. She had her Botox injections last week and is already seeing huge results.

“The results are dramatic,” Kirkpatrick said. “The lines in my foreheads are either gone or almost gone! Also, the lines at the corners of my eyes are greatly diminished!”

Kirkpatrick, a cancer survivor and a former small town mayor originally from Texas, asked for Dr. Lori Greenwald’s help with her transition to become Mother-of-The Bride. Judi survived a rare form of cancer and the treatments that saved her life, prematurely aged her. When Judi’s son was married, she looked at the pictures of herself  and cried.

“I looked like a person who had been through a lot,” Kirkpatrick said in a previous interview. “I looked at that picture of myself and said, is that really me?” Judi’s daughter gets married in Texas on June 3rd. Judi leaves for the wedding on May 20th! We will be at the wedding in Texas with Judi and her family. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for the dramatic transition that will no doubt, be a real tear-jerker! Judi looks amazing already but she still has a few weeks left to go in her Transition with Dr. Lori, including a make-over  at the Mac Studio Salon in Windsor. That’s next week. We will give you a preview of Judi’s new look as it unfolds!

Notes From My 45th High School Reunion.

· Cynthia Washburn's notes from her 45th high school reunion. ·

Notes From My 45th High School Reunion.

Talk about a blast from the past. This weekend, I was in it, knee-deep and loving every minute of it.

The last high school reunion I attended was my 10th! A lot has changed since then for me and my friends but what a joy it was to reconnect with people from my past and talk with them in the present! Yes, we all have changed. No question. But as I looked around the room, at so many faces, my mind morphed the faces of today into the faces of the past. I didn’t want to make this just about me because it was about all of us! We all were sharing a moment in time where the past became the present and all those memories from so long ago, came flooding back in an instant.

I wasn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, a popular kid. I wasn’t connected to any one group but I was fortunate–in that–I was able connect with everyone, in some small way, that allowed me to get to know so many of my classmates. I laughed and smiled so much Saturday night that my jaw was beginning to hurt. What a lucky woman I am to have these people in my life once again.

So many memories. How I remember the pep rallies, when the entire Gymnasium would erupt into pandemonium. The light blotted out from the clouds of confetti and streamers, the deafening sound of cheering and stomping of our feet on the wooden bleachers. We were so proud to cheer on our teams!

Breakfast at the local diner.

Sometime, I would meet up with my friends and slip-out to breakfast at the local diner. One particular morning,  we were in that diner with the Jukebox cranking out the songs of the day, laughing and having a great time; then, the door opened! In walked our vice-principal! Whoa! Talk about a deer caught in headlights! The entire room froze in fear. He sat at the counter ordered a coffee and in a booming voice said, “Anyone from Woodrow Wilson High still in this room by the time I finish my coffee is suspended!” We all ran for the door like a buffalo stampede. Doors slammed, engines started, cars peeled out of the parking lot and we were back in the school library panting after the sprint from the school parking lot. Ha! Made it that time. Whew! We were not bad kids, we were mischievous, testing the limits as do most kids.

As adults, we still are testing our limits. Many of us starting new lives in retirement, in business, ever-changing, ever morphing. But still the kids of 1972. Forever those kids of 1972.

For me, this journey begins again as I continue towards my path of owning my own business! My transition is two-fold; reinventing myself at 62 and rebuilding my self-esteem, thanks to Dr. Lori Greenwald.

As I look forward to tomorrow, I have learned to live for today!

My memories from this weekend were so wonderful and personal.These memories, and so many more,  flooded back to me. At the end of the nigh, we gathered for a group photo and one voice, joined by many, sang out our school chant.

“We are the Wild Cats! The mighty, mighty Wild Cats! Every where we go, people want to know, who we are? So we tell them! We are the Wild Cats! The mighty, mighty Wild Cats!”

With that, our evening ended, having renewed friendships, updated contacts, elated hearts and promises of meeting before and again at our 50th. We are The Wild Cats! Woodrow Wilson High School Class of 1972! There’s a part of me that is still that kid, now more hopeful than ever about my future!

Thanks Dr. Lori Greenwald for your role in my journey to tomorrow.


I Feel More Confident Than Ever Thanks To Dr. Lori Greenwald.

· Cynthia's 45th High School Reunion Is This Weekend! ·

I Feel More Confident Than Ever Thanks To Dr. Lori Greenwald.

Talk about pressure! Cynthia Washburn is having none of it!

Cynthia’s 45th high school reunion is this weekend! She’s not freaking out. She’s not worrying about what to wear. Her confidence comes from within.

“I feel better than I ever have thanks to Dr. Lori Greenwald,” Cynthia Washburn said when talking about her 45th high school reunion coming up this Saturday. “This isn’t  about fixing wrinkles, it’s about fixing self-esteem; knowing someone believes in me, makes me want to succeed. Sometimes, women my age, feel like we are forgotten. I realize now, that’s just silly. Believing is half the battle. Having someone to cheer me on is priceless. That someone is Dr. Lori Greenwald. She is investing in me when she doesn’t have to do this; her motive is only to make a difference in my life and that, she is doing!

“There have been many Cynthias since I graduated high school, but this Cynthia is the most confident and happy about her future thanks to Transitions With Dr. Lori Greenwald.” 

Wait, so you are not freaking out about seeing people you haven’t seen in 45 years?

“No way,” Cynthia said. “I’m moving forward with my career path to own my own company! It’s a work in progress and it hasn’t been easy but I know I will get there one step at a time. Thanks to Dr. Greenwald, I am taking huge leaps towards my future. Sometimes, you just need someone to believe in you. Dr. Greenwald is that person. She has helped me to reinstate my self-esteem. I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy since I lost my job 10 years ago as a human resource manager, but those days are behind me. I want to inspire people and let them know that life doesn’t slow down in your 60s, it only gets better! I always say Dr. Greenwald is my angel on Earth. I can’t thank her enough for helping me to succeed in every sense of the word and part of that means, rebuilding my self-esteem.  I know I matter. A lot of people will try to take away your self-esteem, one brick at a time, but my wall is so high, no one can knock it down. When it comes to new adventures, I say bring it on! I can’t wait to see all my old friends and hear about their lives and their own personal journeys!”

To watch Cynthia’s journey click here. 


The Beauty Of Botox by Vivesse Med Spa.

· Judi gets Botox on her forehead and around her eyes! ·

  • Shelly Sindland
  • Botox
  • May 2, 2017
The Beauty Of Botox by Vivesse Med Spa.

Feel free to contact us for a free consultation if you are interested in getting Botox. Our practitioners are the best and will  make sure you look like you, just better!

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL)

· Both our Transition Winners LOVE this treatment and say it really works! ·

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL)

Cynthia Washburn and Judi Kirkpatrick have both undergone this treatment and saw huge results with it!

As we age our skin accumulates damage from the sun, the elements and the wear-and-tear of daily life. Skin Rejuvenation can repair signs of aging and “turn back the clock” by removing age spots, most brown pigmentation and redness due to broken capillaries. Thus, it improves the appearance of rosacea, flushing and sun damaged skin while improving skin texture and a dull complexion. The treatment also improves mild acne scars, reduces large pores, corrects dark circles around the eyes, and reduces fine lines.

HOW IT WORKS: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a non-laser therapy that involves shining highly concentrated and intense pulses of light on the skin. At Vivesse we use the Harmony XL system from Alma Lasers, utilizing Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT™). It employs an advanced algorithm that stabilizes each pulse to ensure predictable, reproducible treatments that are safe and effective. An intense light is produced that is applied in a series of gentle pulses over the treatment area. The light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by and heats the pigmentation and/or abnormally dilated vessels, causing remarkably little or no skin damage. Clinical trials conducted by leading authorities on pulsed light document its safety and effectiveness.

Who is a good candidate? IPL is an excellent treatment for age spots, most brown pigmentation and redness, rosacea, flushing and sun damaged skin while improving skin texture and a dull complexion.  For patients with more serious conditions including deep wrinkles and scarring other treatments may be more applicable.  Dark or tanned skin individuals may experience an increase in pigmentation after IPL and are not ideal candidates for this treatment.

To learn more, visit our website.

Six things to look for in evaluating vein centers – Part 2

· Both Judi Kirkpatrick and Cynthia Washburn are having vein treatments as part of their Transitions medical make-over with Dr. Lori Greenwald. ·

Six things to look for in evaluating vein centers – Part 2

Not all vein centers are created equal. In my last blog post I told you three things to look for when evaluating vein centers. I was going to write about the other three today but the information on ultrasound competence took up a lot more space than I anticipated. So the last two things to look for will have to wait until next week.

Vein centers live and die on the basis of how good the ultrasound data is. Sure, physical examination is important, but a vein specialist (phlebologist) needs to know the exact anatomy of the veins to decide what to do. Ultrasound is the test that phlebologists use to see the anatomy. Imagine an orthopedist evaluating knee pain without a knee x-ray. It would be the same for a phlebologist to evaluate vein disease without an ultrasound.

Did you know that just because you have varicose veins it doesn’t mean that you need a procedure? Or that all patients who need a procedure don’t need the same procedure. How about that if a patient stands for a long time during an ultrasound, the technician can make the vein disease look worse. These are only a few of the subtle issues that a good ultrasound test of the legs can address. So, how can you be certain that you are getting an adequate evaluation? Look for the following:

  1. Does the ultrasound technician devote herself to vein disease or is she a jack of all trades? After all, you don’t want a carpenter telling you what’s wrong with your car. And you don’t want a technician that spends her time doing abdominal and gynecological ultrasounds looking at your leg veins. That technician doesn’t have the specialized knowledge that is required to know what, if anything, is wrong with your legs.
  2. Is the ultrasound lab accredited? Accreditation of the lab by ICAVL (Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories) is a sign of excellence. Vein centers have to meet rigorous requirements to obtain accreditation. These include the number of studies performed and the number of false positives or false negatives that are found. You can find a list of accredited labs at this link:
  3. Is the technician an RVT (registered vascular technologist)? The RVT certification is a true symbol of excellence. To qualify for this prestigious certification a technologist must have performed many vascular examinations. He or she must pass a rigorous written examination, one that has a large failure rate. Only then can an ultrasound tech receive the RVT designation. You can find whether an ultrasound tech has the RVT designation at this link: Don’t be afraid to ask these tough questions when you are evaluating vein centers. If the office hesitates to answer them you should move on. Next week, I really will finish this article with the last two things to look for when evaluating vein centers

To read part one, click here!


The Facts About Fillers

· Botox and Fillers both fight wrinkles but in different areas of the face. ·

The Facts About Fillers

The fillers on the market today really can be considered the fountain of youth when it comes to restoring a youthful appearance to the face.

“My patients are usually super excited about the results,” says Vivesse Med Spa’s aesthetic nurse practitioner Amanda Scranton, an expert in injectables. “With Botox, it can take seven to ten days to see the full impact of the treatment, but with filler, the results are immediate.” Scranton also points out that it’s important for patients to realize Botox is used from the “eyes up,” while fillers are used from the “nose down.”

At Dr. Lori Greewald’s Vivesse Med Spa, Scranton works with 15 different types of fillers, including Juvederm and Restylane. Scranton says there are so many different types of filler because the product has been fine-tuned to address different areas of the face. Some of the Juvederm products (Voluma and Juvederm XC) alleviate deeper wrinkles and help restore volume while others smooth out the fine lines that form near the lips (Volbella). “It’s really hard for patients to keep track of every single product that’s out there,” says Scranton, “ I ask people what bothers them and make recommendations based on that.”

The most widely used fillers on the market are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin that helps retain moisture and elasticity and adds volume to the face. As we age, we lose collagen which causes our skin to sag, creating wrinkles and folds. Fillers “plump up” those areas, filling in the furrows that make us look old or tired. Scranton says the difference between the types of fillers is how big that molecule of hyaluronic acid is and how much it’s going to plump out. “Some fillers are smoother and thinner. Those are really good for “smoker’s lines” above the lips. Some are really thick and will hold up much longer and that’s better for the cheeks.”

The most commonly-requested areas that Scranton treats are the nasolabial folds and marionette lines – also known as “laugh lines” – which run from corners of the nose down past the mouth This is consistent with the national trend. According to a representative from Allergan, the maker of Juvederm, nearly half of their product is used to address this area of the face. The next most commonly treated area is the cheeks.

One of the great selling points about fillers made from hyaluronic acid is they look natural and last one to two years. Side effects are minimal. Most people have some swelling, which subsides in a few days. In some cases, Scranton says there’s slight bruising.

Fillers are really catching on. Nationally, Allergan sales for injectable fillers grew 20-percent last year. One of the largest areas of growth in popularity is among Millenials, who want to stave off the signs of aging. Bottom line: everyone’s taking a lot more selfies these days and fillers are a proven and safe way to recapture that youthful look.

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More Transitions For Cynthia

· Sold! Cynthia is moving out of her Middletown home and moving towards her future! ·

More Transitions For Cynthia


Transitions is empowering me– not to just change my appearance–but to change my life! Thank-you Dr. Lori Greenwald. You are my angel here on Earth. 🙂

My house sold! I’m moving out but moving on with my future thanks to Dr. Lori Greenwald! Transitions is empowering me– not to just change my appearance– but to change my life! Thank-you Dr. Lori. 🙂

Going, going, gone! I’ve been trying for months to sell my house and it finally happened! It’s all part of my overall plan to work for myself and travel the country. A house is just four walls that has been holding me back. I want freedom to live where I want to and have my office travel with me.

It’s really kind of overwhelming – all of this change that’s coming my way! Starting my new business, undergoing my physical transformation, and now moving out of my home! Yup…on top of all this transition, I just sealed the deal to sell my home. I need to move out in a month! It’s great news – but honestly, I can’t get over the timing. Don’t they say everything happens in threes? Fortunately, I’ve been packing and purging since I put it on the market in October. I plan to move in with friends while I solidify plans with my business. And then, once Bunnuku is up and running, I’m going to travel around the country with my brother and sister-in-law in their small motor home.

I’m embracing the change because it’s really out of character for me. My typical approach is to think about change and then procrastinate, but the self-confidence I’ve gained from the improvements in my looks is helping me break out of my old pattern. I really credit Dr. Lori Greenwald of Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa with this overhaul in my attitude – not just in my outward appearance. I feel like if a complete stranger believes in me and my success, then I need to believe in myself.

So for now, I’m putting the packing on the fast track: I’ve been working with two consignment stores to get rid of my furniture; I’ve been sending my books to Amazon to get those sold; and I’ve reserved space in a storage facility down the street. I’ll tell you what’s given me the hardest time: the family heirlooms. I’m the only girl in my family so I’ve wound up with all of my relatives’ china and tchotchkes. It’s been an emotional torture session trying to figure out what to keep and what to give away – I’ve had to make some tough decisions. But it’s really empowering because I’ve wanted to make these changes and now I feel like I have the strength to move forward and transition into this next phase of my life.

Microneedling, What It Is And How It Works?

· Microneedling is the new rage but does it really work? Short answer, YES! ·

Microneedling, What It Is And How It Works?

By Jodi Daniels, Paramedical Aesthetican Vivesse Med Spa

Judi is doing it and now Cynthia is too!

Microneedling skin is one of the most effectual methods to rejuvenate skin tissue. Microneedling has the ability to regenerate tissue and restore the collagen lattice in the dermal layer. Very few treatments can induce elastin production; however, microneedling has the ability to synthesize elastin, as well as, increase collagen. When the skin is wounded, normal growth factors are released from platelets, this in turn causes collagen induction. When needling is performed properly, there is a controlled state of inflammation which stimulates these growth factors to rapidly heal and build more collagen.  When the skin is immediately fed with growth factors or topical vitamins, e.g., vitamin A and Vitamin C, skin begins to thicken and rejuvenate rapidly.  When the skin is healing from open wounds, a type of collagen known as collagen III is produced, which can lead to scarring. However, when one needles, the type of collagen that is synthesized is collagen I, which causes regeneration rather than scar formation.

Vivesse Med Spa offers two forms of microneedling that complement each other for skin rejuvenation. The first is medical needling, which is done with an instrument that protrudes up to 2.5mm. The benefit of this treatment is a dramatic increase in collagen induction; it is also quite effective against pigmentation issues as well. This treatment done in a series is an effectual method for reducing wrinkles and skin laxity. Three to four treatments are recommended with a follow-up of twice a year for maintenance.

The second form of needling that Vivesse offers is cosmetic needling, which increases the efficacy of medical needling when done at home. This treatment can be incorporated with or without the medical needling procedure. The main purpose of cosmetic needling is for product penetration. When you use topical agents such as growth factors, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides, etc., you are only getting 7% of that product into your skin. When you needle, you are getting 100 times that amount. Cosmetic needling creates micro-channels in the skin with a depth of 0.1 – .02mm. This allows products to bypass the top layer of the skin, thereby penetrating to the lower levels of the skin. The more holes that are created is much more important than the depth created by the needling device. When the top layer is breached, it is much easier for the molecules of the product to get into the dermis to cause cellular change. Collagen induction can only be achieved if the ingredients that are penetrated allow this. Vitamins A, C, and peptides have this ability to synthesize collagen.
Cosmetic microneedling is not injurious to the skin, nor is it painful. It can be done each night, but it is recommended to gradually work up to this amount.  Vivesse Med Spa offers a facial know as the Collagen Induction Treatment that includes the needling device and a peptide serum for the client to go home with.


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Let’s Get Physical

Let’s Get Physical

Okay, try not to think of that Olivia Newton-John song, although, I have to admit, that song is now stuck in my head.

Let’s get physical, physical…

However, this blog is not about that song but rather my new mission, to get into shape.

Since March, I’ve logged at least half an hour every day doing some kind of exercise – usually the elliptical and weights. I try to make it to the gym, which is only about a quarter of a mile from my house, but when I can’t get to Club 24, I do floor exercises at home. I just feel that Dr. Lori is making such a huge investment in how my face looks – the least I can do is invest in how my body looks! I want to make sure I look my absolute best for the big reveal on Better Connecticut at the end of May. I also have another motivation: my 45th high school reunion. I just received a notice in the mail that it’s going to be held on May 6th so that also pushed me into gear to lose weight. The timing with all of these treatments couldn’t be better! I get to show up at my reunion feeling – and looking – 10 years younger than my age thanks to Dr. Lori, Amanda, and the amazing staff at Vivesse MedSpa.

Right now, I’m feeling really good about myself because the commitment to my exercise routine is paying off. Even though the scale says I’ve only lost four pounds, I can tell I’ve lost inches. My body feels tighter and I dropped a dress size! I’ve been really dedicated to the daily work out routine for the last month because I haven’t worked at my job at the equipment rental company since January. That’s when the business really slows down. I start working fulltime again this month, so that will be the true test for me. My plan is to start getting up at 5:30 in the morning to work out before I need to show up at my job. We’ll see how that goes. I just feel like that will set me up for success better than trying to workout after my job. It just doesn’t seem possible to get to the gym after a 10-hour day. I guess you really have to know yourself to be successful at a workout routine!

I’ve also tried to be more disciplined about my diet. I’m eating way more fish than I’ve ever had before because it’s so much lower in calories. I’m also making sure I eat more fruits and vegetables with every meal instead of bread and pasta. I’m a big fan of smoothies now- they take away the urge to eat cookies (I’m sort of a self-proclaimed cookie monster!). The bottom line is I’m just trying to be good to myself…and honestly, I think it’s really paying off.

And just so you know, I don’t listen to Olive Newton-John when I am out walking. I prefer Train, Adele, Maroon 5 to get my blood pumping.

Hello? Oh man, now that song is stuck in my head.


Check Out Those Eyelashes!

· Those are Judi's Lashes With Her Favorite Mascara. ·

Check Out Those Eyelashes! 1 Photos

Those baby blue eyes are sure getting a lot of attention these days! Judi is using Latisse to grow back her eyelashes and boy is it working! Judi says she lost some of her eyelashes from her cancer treatments and they grew back much thinner. She’s been on Latisse now for about four weeks and is seeing amazing results. If you are interested in trying Latisse, stop by our med spa for a free consultation or REGISTER for our open house and save 30% ON LATISSE and anything else you buy that night!


Finding Inspiration On The Shepherd’s Diet!

· Why Some Call It 'The Bible Diet.' ·

Finding Inspiration On The Shepherd’s Diet!

It’s hard to believe my daughter’s wedding is right around the corner. Just like every mother of the bride, I want to lose weight before the big day so I can fit into a smaller dress. I’m aiming to drop 40 pounds. Normally, Weight Watchers is my “go to” diet, but this time around, I’m trying something new because I can’t make the meetings with my work schedule. It’s called The Shepherd’s Diet. I saw it on Facebook and thought “Why not give it a shot?” So far, so good. In two months, I’ve lost 11 pounds. People keep telling me how great I look!

This diet is so much easier for me to follow than Weight Watchers. I don’t have to weigh food or count calories so I’m not obsessing about what I’m going to eat next. Basically, you’re eating the food that’s mentioned in the Bible. So a lot of meat, nuts, dairy and vegetables. My big splurge is strawberries, which I can have with heavy whipping cream! I love this diet because I can eat three meals a day and I’m never hungry! I figure it’s because I’m eating so much more protein, which keeps me feeling satisfied.

For breakfast I usually eat eggs scrambled with veggies, cheese and sausage or bacon. On Monday, I make enough to last the week so I can divide it up and eat it every morning before work. I admit…I’m not a huge fan of veggies so that’s a little bit of a challenge. For lunch, I have a protein and for supper, it’s a salad with some meat on it. I don’t have to keep track of anything. I just avoid sugar and carbs. The truth is, I’ve never gotten results this quick.

I had a big surprise when the dress I ordered online for the wedding arrived and it was too big! The dress is gorgeous and really flattering – it makes me look like I have a smaller waist. I’m keeping it but I need to find a good seamstress to do the alterations. At this rate, I’m sure I’ll lose more weight so I need to figure out the timing before I do the final fitting; a good problem to have, right? 🙂

The treatments with Dr. Lori have already boosted my confidence. This weight loss is just an added bonus. I knew I had to play my own role in this Transition.

Watch Cynthia’s Transition At Four Weeks!

· WARNING! What you are about to see is very cool! ·

Cynthia Washburn’s Transition with Dr. Lori Greenwald’s Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa  is still on-going but you can see by this video just how much her skin tone has changed in four weeks! Her complextion is  much brighter; a lot of her sun spots are gone and the overall tone and texture is more youthful and vibrant! Cynthia has already undergone a series of PRP Facials, Kybella double chin treatment (which is still in progress) VI Peels, HydraFacials, IPL light therapy and is using only our finest and most effective skin care products including SkinMedica and Environ. She has also had a series of spider vein treatments by Dr. Greenwald as well. Cynthia has not had any Botox of Fillers yet but will in the next few weeks. Then, you will see a much more dramatic impact in her appearance. We love Cynthia for who she is but want to help boost her self-esteem for her new career as a business owner and on-camera spokesperson! Go Cynthia! Be sure to check in next week and to see cancer survivor Judi’s Kirkpatrick’s transformation at 4 weeks!

Six things to look for in evaluating vein centers – Part 1

· Know the facts. Ask the right questions. ·

Six things to look for in evaluating vein centers – Part 1

Everyone tells you that they are the best. How can you evaluate all of these vein centers? I will give you a list of six things in two parts that you can use to evaluate these vein centers. Here is the first list of three things to look for.  I will list another three in next week’s blog post.

The biggest questions you need to answer and ask are:

  1. What technology do they use at the vein center? Varicose veins are treated by passing a catheter or plastic tube into the vein. This catheter is slowly withdrawn. As it is withdrawn heat is applied. This heat can be generated by a laser or by radiofrequency. These technologies are not the same. Laser therapy penetrates deeper into the surrounding tissue and causes much greater soft tissue damage. You can see a video demonstrating the difference in the September 11th blog post. Due to the greater tissue damage there is more pain after the procedure. Laser also causes more bruising and it takes longer for the leg to heal.
  2. Is it a full-time vein center? – A lot of so-called vein centers do not focus on treatment of vein disease. They may be run by a vascular surgeon who is very busy with his/her non-vein patients. Same thing applies to a radiology practice that does a small number of vein procedures. Phlebology (the study of vein diseases) is its own field with a great number of subtleties. New studies and information is always coming out. Only a full time phlebologist (vein specialist) can keep abreast of all these advances.
  3. Do they have a board certified phlebologist (vein specialist)? – You need to be able to differentiate among the various vein centers out there. One way to do this is to look for board certification. This certification is awarded by the American Board of Phlebology. In order to receive this prestigious designation the practitioner needs to show that they have performed a certain number of treatments and ultrasounds. They also have to pass a rigorous exam. You can feel more secure in the hands of a board certified phlebologist. You can find out if your physician is board certified at
  4. Well, that’s it for today. I will give you the next three tips on how to evaluate all these vein centers next week.

Vein Disease Is One Of The Most Common Reasons Why People Miss Work.

· Featured Treatment This Week: Treating Vein Disease. ·

Vein Disease Is One Of The Most Common Reasons Why People Miss Work.

Dr. Lori Greenwald Talks About Treating Vein Disease While Treating Spider Veins On Judi Kirkpatrick’s Legs.

Dr. Greenwald: I pretty much took away the whole cluster. I like to move the medicine around a little.

Reporter Question: What does this do in laymen’s terms?

Dr. Lori Greenwald: It essentially collapses the veins and then they are absorbed through the body. So, these are not veins that serve any function. They are not doing anything important. Sometimes people say they throb a little bit; sometimes people say they can itch. Sometimes people say they feel like something is crawling on their leg; it’s actually a burst of spider veins that open up.

On the spectrum of veins sizes

 Dr. Greenwald: Dealing with spider veins. you are dealing with small veins, and then after that, the names of the veins change based on the size of the veins. Anything less than four millimeters is considered more of a spider vein. Anything, four millimeters or greater, that by definition, is a varicose vein.

Most people say spider veins itch and can cause some discomfort. Spider veins are considered cosmetic. Nothing will happen to you if you don’t take care of them. When it comes to varicose veins, then you are dealing with a true quality of life issue. If you have a job where you are standing all day and you have broken veins or broken valves, then you are going to be in a lot of discomfort.

Aching, throbbing, fatigue–it clearly impacts your quality of life.

And veins, venous disease—happens to be the number one condition that is responsible for the most days lost from work. It impacts old and young and think of all the people who stand during the days, nurses, chiefs, hairstylists…So, it makes more sense to treat the people, who are losing days from work with some very simple office-based procedures then putting them on short-term disability so they can’t go to work.

Do you know what to look for when looking for a vein specialist?

Don’t be fooled by all the others who claim to be the best. Read the first part in a series of informative blogs written by  Dr. Bruce Stein on what to look for when evaluating veins centers.


I Want To Invest In Myself Like Dr. Lori Greenwald Is Investing In Me.

· New Design. New Game Plan. ·

I Want To Invest In Myself Like Dr. Lori Greenwald Is Investing In Me.

I know what Dr. Lori Greenwald would say; You need to do it for yourself. 

I know and I understand but there is a part of me, that wants to be successful for her too.

She’s investing so much time and money in me that quite honestly, I don’t want to let her down. There is a lot of pressure when it comes to starting your own business and I am starting to feel the heat now.

This is where my awesome business coach comes in…

New Game Plan. New Direction. 

Cynthia with her business coach Kim Kasparian of Success Genie of Milford.

That first consultation with Kim really helped motivate me to map out a business plan for Bunnuku. I spent hours the following weekend filling out the Business Plan Guide she emailed me. One of the things I quickly realized by going over all the questions is that I need to get some help financing the business. Up to this point, I’ve been selling stocks from my retirement portfolio to cover costs for website design, packaging, logo creation, you name it. I’m really hoping Kim can help me figure out a way to get some working capital – maybe a loan – because I realize there are risks associated with starting a business and I need to be prepared for the roadblocks.

One of the sections in the business guide deals with “knowing your competition.” It just so happens I recently learned there’s already a company selling all-natural toothbrushes but I had no idea how big it was! Initially, this intimidated me, but I’m actually encouraged on some level because it means there’s a market out there; I feel like this other company blazed the trail, opened the doors, and now it will be easier for me to get in on the action.

Kim helped me to realize just how critical a marketing plan is to launch a new product. I’m planning to get the toothbrushes on Amazon first to build some capital and then I’ll start approaching stores. When these toothbrushes land on store shelves, they really need to stand out. So I’ve decided to redesign the original packaging, which was going to be an all-natural shade of brown – kind of drab. I’ve been concerned it would not grab anyone’s attention so I met with the graphics designer the other day to brainstorm for a new, eye-catching look. We decided to make the packages white with an opening so consumers can actually see the wooden handle and the shape of the brush. My thought is white will be cleaner and sharper. I realize you have to think like this if you want your product to stand out. People will be able to see how much sturdier these brushes are than the run-of-the-mill plastic kind.

I have to say the work I’m doing with Kim and Success Genie is focusing me on being successful. I feel that I owe that to myself and to Dr. Lori Greenwald for all that she is doing for me. I need to show Dr. Lori that I can finish my goal and invest in myself the way that she and her staff have invested in me.

‘ I Want My Mom To Look And Feel As Pretty As I Do On My Wedding Day.’

· "This is the opportunity she has been waiting for." Hilary said about her Mom Judi and her Transiti' medical make-over with Dr. Lori Greenwald's Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa. ·

‘ I Want My Mom To Look And Feel As Pretty As I Do On My Wedding Day.’

Hilary facetimes with her Mother Judi who is flying to Texas this weekend for her daughter’s bridal shower.

“My Mom has always been someone I looked up to for a very long time; she’s good at everything! She’s been through a lot. She is such a smart and caring woman. She took on the role of mayor for ten years; everyone knows her and everyone loves her. After her diagnosis, everything took a toll at once…

This is the opportunity she has been waiting for.

I just can’t wait to see the final results; the Mom that I see and everyone else sees, but now she’ll see it too.”

The HydraFacial MD by Vivesse Med Spa


The HydraFacial MD by Vivesse Med Spa

Jodi Daniels has more than 20 years experience in the skincare industry. She explains what the HydraFacial MD is and how it wil help to transform Judi’s skin and erase her daily reminders from her battle with cancer from her reflection. The HydraFacial MD improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, oily and congested skin.

What is the fastest way to get your skin on track?—The HydraFacial MD of course! Clients rave about the HydraFacial MD and
feel that it is the best treatment to exfoliate, extract, and deeply hydrate the skin.

“What I love about the HydraFacial MD is that it is the quickest way to resurface and invigorate your skin,” said Jodi Daniels paramedical aesthetician at Dr. Lori Greenwald’s Vivesse Med Spa.  “There is no downtime. It is non-invasive. And, it just leaves you with more radiantly beautiful skin.”

Judi has already received two Pixel Laser treatments, a VI Peel, IPL Therapy and now will undergo a series of HydraFacials.

“It’s like Botox in a bottle,” said Daniels. “One of the serums used in an advanced form of the HydraFacial can help to relax muscles in the face. Judi is an amazing woman and a survivor. We want to make sure she is red-carpet ready for her daughter’s wedding in June.”


A HydraFacial treatment consists of gently moving the HydraFacial tip across the face.  As it rubs the skin, the unique Vortex-Fusion serum delivery system is applied to your face. The multi-step treatment cleanses, evenly exfoliates and extracts to remove impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time replenishing vital nutrients including Antioxidants, Peptides, Growth Factors and Hyaluronic Acid. Thanks to the device’s unique delivery system, these ingredients are able to more effectively penetrate the skin.  LED light therapy can also be applied to enhance absorption of these skin renewal factors.

What is HydraFacial useful for?

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brightening for dull skin
  • Oily/congested skin
  • Age reversal
  • General skin maintenance

To learn more about the HydraFacial MD click here or schedule a free consultation with our highly skilled paramedical aesthetician Jodi Daniels.


The Women of Transitions on iHeart Radio, Judi Part Two

The Women of Transitions on iHeart Radio, Judi Part Two

The Forgotten Woman: Dr. Lori Greenwald of Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa, Talks With Radio Show Host Renee DiNino About Transitions And How She Wants To Impact Lives, Including Judi’s Life.

Renee DiNino, dIrector of community affairs, on-air programming for iHeartRadio in Connecticut and midday host on The River 105.9, interviews the women of Transitions. Here’s part two of her interview with Judi KirkPatrick and Doctor Lori Greenwald of Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa, talking about Transitions and their mission to transform lives.

The Women of Transitions on iHeart Radio, Judi part one.

The Women of Transitions on iHeart Radio, Judi part one.

Cancer survivor to mother-of-the-bride, Judi Kirkpatrick and Dr. Lori Greenwald talk about Transitions with radio host Renee DiNino of IHeart Radio.

Judi’s story.

Renee DiNino, dIrector of community affairs, on-air programming for Heart in Connecticut and midday host on The River 105.9, interviews the women of Transitions. Here’s part one of her interview with Judi Kirkpatrick  and Doctor Lori Greenwald of Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa, talking about Transitions and their mission to transform lives.

Cynthia’s Gallery