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Donna: “I am Determined”

Donna opens up about her varicose veins, her grand daughter, what killed her late husband, and how she is determined to focus much more on herself through the next phase of her life. Brought to you by Stacy Perrone-Petta.



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Treatment Options for Donna

Hi everybody,

When Donna came to us, she reported tiredness, heaviness, restlessness, night cramping, and pain in her legs, especially the left one. The main reason for that is her venous disease – which we will take care of here at our Bloomfield, CT office.

In the video above Dr. Greenwald goes through Donna’s treatment procedure and explains every step of the way. Dr. Greenwald will use a Venaseal Closure system, which will improve the blood flow by sealing the diseased vein. From that point on, blood will be flowing through the rest of Donna’s veins – with no long run side effects. The BEST part: the effect from that procedure will be virtually overnight. We are so excited to see Donna smile again and being able to play with her grand daughter when we are done with this procedure!

Check out the video above to see how everything will be done.

Why Donna’s Legs Hurt

· Venous Disease Debunked ·

Varicose veins, heaviness/tiredness, throbbing, aching, swelling, restlessness, painful cramping at night – those are the symptoms Donna came to us with. She’s been having them for way too long – and  Dr. Greenwald gives us a detailed insight where all that comes from.

Interested in finding out what the solution to all that is? Stay tuned, it’s coming soon to a computer near you.