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How To Start A Business

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own business, we’ll tell you what it takes and what you need to know. Follow Cynthia’s transition to starting her own business and get tips from her business coach along the way.

I Want To Invest In Myself Like Dr. Lori Greenwald Is Investing In Me.

· New Design. New Game Plan. ·

I Want To Invest In Myself Like Dr. Lori Greenwald Is Investing In Me.

I know what Dr. Lori Greenwald would say; You need to do it for yourself. 

I know and I understand but there is a part of me, that wants to be successful for her too.

She’s investing so much time and money in me that quite honestly, I don’t want to let her down. There is a lot of pressure when it comes to starting your own business and I am starting to feel the heat now.

This is where my awesome business coach comes in…

New Game Plan. New Direction. 

Cynthia with her business coach Kim Kasparian of Success Genie of Milford.

That first consultation with Kim really helped motivate me to map out a business plan for Bunnuku. I spent hours the following weekend filling out the Business Plan Guide she emailed me. One of the things I quickly realized by going over all the questions is that I need to get some help financing the business. Up to this point, I’ve been selling stocks from my retirement portfolio to cover costs for website design, packaging, logo creation, you name it. I’m really hoping Kim can help me figure out a way to get some working capital – maybe a loan – because I realize there are risks associated with starting a business and I need to be prepared for the roadblocks.

One of the sections in the business guide deals with “knowing your competition.” It just so happens I recently learned there’s already a company selling all-natural toothbrushes but I had no idea how big it was! Initially, this intimidated me, but I’m actually encouraged on some level because it means there’s a market out there; I feel like this other company blazed the trail, opened the doors, and now it will be easier for me to get in on the action.

Kim helped me to realize just how critical a marketing plan is to launch a new product. I’m planning to get the toothbrushes on Amazon first to build some capital and then I’ll start approaching stores. When these toothbrushes land on store shelves, they really need to stand out. So I’ve decided to redesign the original packaging, which was going to be an all-natural shade of brown – kind of drab. I’ve been concerned it would not grab anyone’s attention so I met with the graphics designer the other day to brainstorm for a new, eye-catching look. We decided to make the packages white with an opening so consumers can actually see the wooden handle and the shape of the brush. My thought is white will be cleaner and sharper. I realize you have to think like this if you want your product to stand out. People will be able to see how much sturdier these brushes are than the run-of-the-mill plastic kind.

I have to say the work I’m doing with Kim and Success Genie is focusing me on being successful. I feel that I owe that to myself and to Dr. Lori Greenwald for all that she is doing for me. I need to show Dr. Lori that I can finish my goal and invest in myself the way that she and her staff have invested in me.

Blueprint To Build A Business


As a Human Resources manager in manufacturing for 15 years, Cynthia is grounded in the corporate culture. Now that she’s going into business for herself, she needs to make a mental shift, according to her business coach Kim Kasparian. “It’s a mindset. She’s going from an employee to a business owner. We need to help her feel the weight of the undertaking.” In the first two-hour assessment session, Cynthia admits it was overwhelming, “ It’s a lot to take in. It felt like Kim was trying to scare me out of this.” But that’s a critical part of the process for Kim and husband Angelus Perez, the other half of Success Genie. The team focuses a lot on the “why” at first so they can help their clients with the “how.”

Business 101

The first action step toward starting your own business is to write down a vision and a mission statement. “Once it’s on paper, it’s real,” says Kim. To help Cynthia with that, Kim sent her a 10-page Business Plan Guide to fill out. There are some basic questions about “what you do” and “whom you will serve,” but there are also some very specific sections that require projected sales goals. “It’s critical that people have a simple plan on how money comes back to you in the next 90-days,” says Kim. She takes a hard-line on this, and for that reason, that first consultation can definitely feel like tough love. But by creating this strategy at the outset, it helps lay the foundation for the business. It’s also at the core of one of Success Genie’s fundamental rules: be a good steward of your money. “People need to set their intentions in the beginning,” Kim says, because it helps to set them up for success.

The Business Plan Guide also asks people to identify strengths and limitations for their new business, as well as an organizational structure. She encourages her clients to go through the exercise of filling out all of the sections as best they can. “Angelus and I make notes and then we will help guide them to completion.”

The Success Genie team defines the basic formula for success with four areas of focus: mindset, managing, money and marketing. “People need to be strong marketers!” Kim stresses. For that reason, the guide has a section that asks about what the target sales market will be and “who will buy your product and why?” With that in mind, people can then create a marketing strategy identifying if they need mailing materials and brochures as well as how they’ll use a web presence and social media to boost their sales. Kim admits this can seem overwhelming but Success Genie helps people “scale” this within their resources.

If you want to pursue starting your own business, Kim and Angelus recommend two books to focus your mindset: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki and The E Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber.

Cynthia Washburn Meets With Her Business Coach, Part One.

Cynthia Washburn Meets With Her Business Coach, Part One.

Cynthia Learns, she has a lot more to learn.

Cynthia Washburn Meets With Her Business Coach Kim Kasparian of Success Genie, located in Milford, Connecticut.

Milford, Connecticut: Starting a business can be overwhelming and a lot of work. Cynthia Washburn knows that and we want to make sure she is successful in this new transition of her life; going from unemployed to entrepreneur. That’s why Doctor Lori Greenwald’s Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa reached out to business coach, Kim Kasparian, to see if she would be interested in helping us, help Cynthia. Kasparian, who has been through a few transitions herself, was more than eager to help. For the next two  months, Cynthia will be meeting with Kim weekly, to make sure Cynthia is on the right path to success. We will be tracking their progress and giving you updates. Our hope is that anyone starting a business will come on this journey with us and learn! During their first meeting, Kim talked with Cynthia about what is driving her and most importantly, what’s in her business plan.

Cynthia: I’m passionate about my product; which is a bamboo toothbrush.

Kim: Okay, what’s so passionate about a bamboo toothbrush? I love bamboo and I love toothbrushes but what are you passionate about the toothbrush?

Cynthia: I’m passionate about the fact that it is biodegradable. That we are doing something socially responsible and it’s something I can contribute.

Kim: Okay, are excited about contribution? Okay, that’s what is driving you. So, that’s important to know because the first think you’ve got to know when you are starting a business, you do anything, when you get out of bed in the morning, is you have to know your why.

Cynthia: I’m doing business as Bunnuku. I have a Facebook page that really isn’t that active right now until I get product. I just built a website. I have UPC codes for my products and I am about ready to order products. My goal is to, by the end of April or beginning of May, is to have product in my hands.

Kim: Do you have a distributorship yet? Do you know where you are marketing it yet?

Cynthia: no.

Kim: Okay. You just described wonderful things and that took work and that took money. I’m very proud of you. But what is your plan to let the world know that this product exists, that you exist? And what’s the mechanism that I can buy it? You have to look at the marketing of it. Do people want this product? Why do they want this product? What’s the problem that it solves? Can I build a business around this product and is that product sustainable? So, I love everything that you did, if all my clients took as much action as you, great. The question is, why did you do it? You probably think that this is going to make you money?

Cynthia: Yes, I think it could be sustainable.

Kim: Well, okay, you think and I’m not saying that I don’t trust you but if it’s not written, it’s not real; like even if I wanted to, I’m an investor with an unlimited amount of money, without a plan, I can’t help you because I don’t know how it’s going to work and how I’m going to get my money back. And the question I have is you probably spent a lot of money on this? I’m sure the LLC was not free and a lot of other things were not free; when you did all this, did you have a very simple plan on how this money was going to come back to you within the next 90 days?

Cynthia. No. 

Kim, Okay, that’s my crux. It’s not that I don’t trust you but if it’s not written, it’s not real.

Cynthia: Yes, you must have a plan. I thought I had a plan but now I see that it can be so much better and so much clearer. That’s what I need. I need someone to kick my butt a little bit, keep me on focus or else I drift. That’s the next step. Kim will work with Cynthia to come up a marketing and business plan.




THIS WEEK: Cynthia meets with a business coach.

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THIS WEEK: Cynthia meets with a business coach.

THIS WEEK: Cynthia meets with a business coach. We’ll tell you how to take that first step towards following your own dream of starting your own business.

How A Business Coach Can Help You Reach Your Goals.

How A Business Coach Can Help You Reach Your Goals.

Cynthia works through a list of her needs and her company’s needs.

Meet Cynthia Washburn’s new business and life coach Kim Kasparian. She’s smart, driven, focused and yes, she’s been through a few transitions herself.


  Cynthia’s situation is one of the main reasons why people decide to go into business for themselves. “Something happened in their life that changed everything…it was something that they didn’t plan,” says business coach Kim Kasparian, who owns Success Genie with her husband Angelus Perez. She’s been a consultant for 20 years and estimates she’s worked with close to a thousand clients. Kasparian says her “biggest work is trying to teach them to let go of what they thought their life looked like.” That’s why she says her approach differs from that of the typical business coach because she works on mindset first and foremost: “I work to change their limiting beliefs. When you change your belief, your action and thoughts change.”

Before Kasparian meets with a new client, she has them fill out an assessment survey  to get a handle on where they are with their new business plan. She says there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to helping people create their business. “We keep asking them ‘Why?’ Why do you want to go into business for yourself? Why are you choosing this business? Why do you want to make more money? They give us their goals and we give them clarity.”

According to Kasparian, it’s critical that people understand what is the right “success vehicle” for them at this point in their life. After an initial consultation, she offers a 90-day group program that helps her clients stay on track with their own goals, providing them guidance and accountability. The group dynamic is effective, she says, because members motivate each other.

A key to her clients’ success is subscribing to the so-called Seven Internal Success Skills: focus, belief, attitude, self-esteem, integrity, commitment and strategy. Kasparian and Perez preach that mastering these skills is the path to success in both business and in life. She leaned on these skills during some of the most challenging times in her life: when a car crash disabled her for a year in her early 20s, after being laid off from a corporate job in her 30s, and finally, when her investment partner embezzled $1-million in cash. But with perseverance and determination, she overcame these hurdles and built her consulting and coaching business. Kasparian has worked with the full spectrum of clients, from top management of blue-chip companies to people who are reinventing themselves after being laid off. People like Cynthia.

Something people need to be prepared for when they meet with Kasparian and Perez – they might find out that running their own business just isn’t for them. “Not everyone is meant to have a business. Some people truly are ‘corporate’ and we help them realize that’s what they want.”

Success Genie offers two and three day training workshops and a full year immersion business school, in addition to the 90-day program. The next workshop is on tap for the end of April.