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Cynthia talks about her transition and her journey with Dr. Lori Greenwald, Vivesse Med Spa and Vanishing Veins.

Cynthia’s Competing Themes

· Overseas Communication Delays Impacting Cynthia's Business. ·

I feel like my life has two competing themes right now: Everything All at Once versus Patience is a Virtue. Between moving out of my house and hurtling back into a 40-hour a week schedule, I’ve been straight out. But, I’m forced to have the patience of a saint as I wait for the next step of my business. I’m supposed to get the first samples of my Bunnuku toothbrush by Friday but I’m not so sure that’s going to happen. The communication delay with the manufacturing company in China is really frustrating : I send an email (middle of the night in China) and they respond (middle of the night in Middletown). So there’s a day and half lag time before I get an update. I’m forced to wait and it’s backing up my marketing plans to approach stores like Stop and Shop and Whole Foods. I can’t record my video for YouTube because I need my product in hand- so that’s on hold, too. I just need to be patient; something I’m not so good at. I just heard from my Business Coach Kim Kasparian this week so I need to update her on the delays. I’m glad she’s just checking in on me because it keeps me on task.

I realize just how brave I am with this business venture when I compare myself to my classmates and where they are at this stage of their lives. After catching up with them at my 45th Reunion, it’s obvious most of them are in retirement mode, while I’m sort of in overdrive, consumed with reinventing myself. When I told them about Bunnuku, they were really taken aback: “Toothbrushes, really?” I got that a lot. But when I explained the biodegradable aspect, they understood the appeal and told me they were happy for me. I explained that once I get the business off the ground, I will also be easing into retirement. My plan is to meet up with my brother Glenn and sister-in-law Sharon in Florida by October.  Definitely one of the ‘bennies” of having a website business: you can do it while you’re constantly on the move!

The End Of An Era.

· Cynthia moves out of her house ·


It’s’s happening. I’m in the final stages of the Big Move! It hasn’t felt “real” until last week when my brother Glenn and his wife Sharon showed up for the final push of packing. They rolled in with their RV from Florida, swooping in to help me finish up some of the boxes before the movers showed up this week to take a shipment into storage. Their timing was incredible! I had a week to go before the movers showed up and I was still knee-deep in boxes and bubble wrap before they came. I really fell like the stars are aligning in my favor now – a far cry from how things were going over the past few years.

My sister-in-law Sharon is great because she can make practical decisions on what to keep and what to toss. It’s kind of crazy how many wine glasses I’ve accumulated over the years – that’s for sure. But I guess that’s what happens when you live in the same house your entire life. The packing process has taken a lot longer than I expected because we’re packing for my own personal “RV” –the one I will retire in – and for long-term storage. While I have a ways to go before I end up trailing Sharon and Glenn across the country in my own RV, it definitely feels like I’m moving into the next phase of my life. I’m just amazed at how fast a clip things are going!

I can tell Glenn is floored by how much I’ve accomplished in the past few months. He saw me back in January before I started the treatments with Dr. Lori when my Bunnuku business was in the conceptual stage. When I showed him my “before pictures the other day, he told me I looked a decade younger now. Even though I knew that, it means so much more coming from one of my older brothers. It’s so great to have him here for all of the encouragement! It makes me realize just how much I miss him and how far I’ve really come!

Notes From My 45th High School Reunion.

· Cynthia Washburn's notes from her 45th high school reunion. ·

Notes From My 45th High School Reunion.

Talk about a blast from the past. This weekend, I was in it, knee-deep and loving every minute of it.

The last high school reunion I attended was my 10th! A lot has changed since then for me and my friends but what a joy it was to reconnect with people from my past and talk with them in the present! Yes, we all have changed. No question. But as I looked around the room, at so many faces, my mind morphed the faces of today into the faces of the past. I didn’t want to make this just about me because it was about all of us! We all were sharing a moment in time where the past became the present and all those memories from so long ago, came flooding back in an instant.

I wasn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, a popular kid. I wasn’t connected to any one group but I was fortunate–in that–I was able connect with everyone, in some small way, that allowed me to get to know so many of my classmates. I laughed and smiled so much Saturday night that my jaw was beginning to hurt. What a lucky woman I am to have these people in my life once again.

So many memories. How I remember the pep rallies, when the entire Gymnasium would erupt into pandemonium. The light blotted out from the clouds of confetti and streamers, the deafening sound of cheering and stomping of our feet on the wooden bleachers. We were so proud to cheer on our teams!

Breakfast at the local diner.

Sometime, I would meet up with my friends and slip-out to breakfast at the local diner. One particular morning,  we were in that diner with the Jukebox cranking out the songs of the day, laughing and having a great time; then, the door opened! In walked our vice-principal! Whoa! Talk about a deer caught in headlights! The entire room froze in fear. He sat at the counter ordered a coffee and in a booming voice said, “Anyone from Woodrow Wilson High still in this room by the time I finish my coffee is suspended!” We all ran for the door like a buffalo stampede. Doors slammed, engines started, cars peeled out of the parking lot and we were back in the school library panting after the sprint from the school parking lot. Ha! Made it that time. Whew! We were not bad kids, we were mischievous, testing the limits as do most kids.

As adults, we still are testing our limits. Many of us starting new lives in retirement, in business, ever-changing, ever morphing. But still the kids of 1972. Forever those kids of 1972.

For me, this journey begins again as I continue towards my path of owning my own business! My transition is two-fold; reinventing myself at 62 and rebuilding my self-esteem, thanks to Dr. Lori Greenwald.

As I look forward to tomorrow, I have learned to live for today!

My memories from this weekend were so wonderful and personal.These memories, and so many more,  flooded back to me. At the end of the nigh, we gathered for a group photo and one voice, joined by many, sang out our school chant.

“We are the Wild Cats! The mighty, mighty Wild Cats! Every where we go, people want to know, who we are? So we tell them! We are the Wild Cats! The mighty, mighty Wild Cats!”

With that, our evening ended, having renewed friendships, updated contacts, elated hearts and promises of meeting before and again at our 50th. We are The Wild Cats! Woodrow Wilson High School Class of 1972! There’s a part of me that is still that kid, now more hopeful than ever about my future!

Thanks Dr. Lori Greenwald for your role in my journey to tomorrow.


More Transitions For Cynthia

· Sold! Cynthia is moving out of her Middletown home and moving towards her future! ·


Transitions is empowering me– not to just change my appearance–but to change my life! Thank-you Dr. Lori Greenwald. You are my angel here on Earth. 🙂

My house sold! I’m moving out but moving on with my future thanks to Dr. Lori Greenwald! Transitions is empowering me– not to just change my appearance– but to change my life! Thank-you Dr. Lori. 🙂

Going, going, gone! I’ve been trying for months to sell my house and it finally happened! It’s all part of my overall plan to work for myself and travel the country. A house is just four walls that has been holding me back. I want freedom to live where I want to and have my office travel with me.

It’s really kind of overwhelming – all of this change that’s coming my way! Starting my new business, undergoing my physical transformation, and now moving out of my home! Yup…on top of all this transition, I just sealed the deal to sell my home. I need to move out in a month! It’s great news – but honestly, I can’t get over the timing. Don’t they say everything happens in threes? Fortunately, I’ve been packing and purging since I put it on the market in October. I plan to move in with friends while I solidify plans with my business. And then, once Bunnuku is up and running, I’m going to travel around the country with my brother and sister-in-law in their small motor home.

I’m embracing the change because it’s really out of character for me. My typical approach is to think about change and then procrastinate, but the self-confidence I’ve gained from the improvements in my looks is helping me break out of my old pattern. I really credit Dr. Lori Greenwald of Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa with this overhaul in my attitude – not just in my outward appearance. I feel like if a complete stranger believes in me and my success, then I need to believe in myself.

So for now, I’m putting the packing on the fast track: I’ve been working with two consignment stores to get rid of my furniture; I’ve been sending my books to Amazon to get those sold; and I’ve reserved space in a storage facility down the street. I’ll tell you what’s given me the hardest time: the family heirlooms. I’m the only girl in my family so I’ve wound up with all of my relatives’ china and tchotchkes. It’s been an emotional torture session trying to figure out what to keep and what to give away – I’ve had to make some tough decisions. But it’s really empowering because I’ve wanted to make these changes and now I feel like I have the strength to move forward and transition into this next phase of my life.

Let’s Get Physical

Let’s Get Physical

Okay, try not to think of that Olivia Newton-John song, although, I have to admit, that song is now stuck in my head.

Let’s get physical, physical…

However, this blog is not about that song but rather my new mission, to get into shape.

Since March, I’ve logged at least half an hour every day doing some kind of exercise – usually the elliptical and weights. I try to make it to the gym, which is only about a quarter of a mile from my house, but when I can’t get to Club 24, I do floor exercises at home. I just feel that Dr. Lori is making such a huge investment in how my face looks – the least I can do is invest in how my body looks! I want to make sure I look my absolute best for the big reveal on Better Connecticut at the end of May. I also have another motivation: my 45th high school reunion. I just received a notice in the mail that it’s going to be held on May 6th so that also pushed me into gear to lose weight. The timing with all of these treatments couldn’t be better! I get to show up at my reunion feeling – and looking – 10 years younger than my age thanks to Dr. Lori, Amanda, and the amazing staff at Vivesse MedSpa.

Right now, I’m feeling really good about myself because the commitment to my exercise routine is paying off. Even though the scale says I’ve only lost four pounds, I can tell I’ve lost inches. My body feels tighter and I dropped a dress size! I’ve been really dedicated to the daily work out routine for the last month because I haven’t worked at my job at the equipment rental company since January. That’s when the business really slows down. I start working fulltime again this month, so that will be the true test for me. My plan is to start getting up at 5:30 in the morning to work out before I need to show up at my job. We’ll see how that goes. I just feel like that will set me up for success better than trying to workout after my job. It just doesn’t seem possible to get to the gym after a 10-hour day. I guess you really have to know yourself to be successful at a workout routine!

I’ve also tried to be more disciplined about my diet. I’m eating way more fish than I’ve ever had before because it’s so much lower in calories. I’m also making sure I eat more fruits and vegetables with every meal instead of bread and pasta. I’m a big fan of smoothies now- they take away the urge to eat cookies (I’m sort of a self-proclaimed cookie monster!). The bottom line is I’m just trying to be good to myself…and honestly, I think it’s really paying off.

And just so you know, I don’t listen to Olive Newton-John when I am out walking. I prefer Train, Adele, Maroon 5 to get my blood pumping.

Hello? Oh man, now that song is stuck in my head.


I Want To Invest In Myself Like Dr. Lori Greenwald Is Investing In Me.

· New Design. New Game Plan. ·

I Want To Invest In Myself Like Dr. Lori Greenwald Is Investing In Me.

I know what Dr. Lori Greenwald would say; You need to do it for yourself. 

I know and I understand but there is a part of me, that wants to be successful for her too.

She’s investing so much time and money in me that quite honestly, I don’t want to let her down. There is a lot of pressure when it comes to starting your own business and I am starting to feel the heat now.

This is where my awesome business coach comes in…

New Game Plan. New Direction. 

Cynthia with her business coach Kim Kasparian of Success Genie of Milford.

That first consultation with Kim really helped motivate me to map out a business plan for Bunnuku. I spent hours the following weekend filling out the Business Plan Guide she emailed me. One of the things I quickly realized by going over all the questions is that I need to get some help financing the business. Up to this point, I’ve been selling stocks from my retirement portfolio to cover costs for website design, packaging, logo creation, you name it. I’m really hoping Kim can help me figure out a way to get some working capital – maybe a loan – because I realize there are risks associated with starting a business and I need to be prepared for the roadblocks.

One of the sections in the business guide deals with “knowing your competition.” It just so happens I recently learned there’s already a company selling all-natural toothbrushes but I had no idea how big it was! Initially, this intimidated me, but I’m actually encouraged on some level because it means there’s a market out there; I feel like this other company blazed the trail, opened the doors, and now it will be easier for me to get in on the action.

Kim helped me to realize just how critical a marketing plan is to launch a new product. I’m planning to get the toothbrushes on Amazon first to build some capital and then I’ll start approaching stores. When these toothbrushes land on store shelves, they really need to stand out. So I’ve decided to redesign the original packaging, which was going to be an all-natural shade of brown – kind of drab. I’ve been concerned it would not grab anyone’s attention so I met with the graphics designer the other day to brainstorm for a new, eye-catching look. We decided to make the packages white with an opening so consumers can actually see the wooden handle and the shape of the brush. My thought is white will be cleaner and sharper. I realize you have to think like this if you want your product to stand out. People will be able to see how much sturdier these brushes are than the run-of-the-mill plastic kind.

I have to say the work I’m doing with Kim and Success Genie is focusing me on being successful. I feel that I owe that to myself and to Dr. Lori Greenwald for all that she is doing for me. I need to show Dr. Lori that I can finish my goal and invest in myself the way that she and her staff have invested in me.

Behind The Scenes With Cynthia Washburn During Our Shoot With Better Connecticut

Behind The Scenes With Cynthia Washburn During Our Shoot With Better Connecticut


Cynthia’s transition is in full force. Since starting her journey with Dr. Lori Greenwald’s Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa, Cynthia has had several procedures done including IPL (Intense Light Therapy)  Kybella for submental fat beneath her chin and today, (as you saw on Better Connecticut) Cynthia had a PRR facial which uses growth factors from her own blood to rejuvenate her own skin!

Here’s some behind the scenes footage of Cynthia Washburn after her PRP facial was filmed by Better Connecticut with host Kara Sundlun.

We also checked in with Cynthia to see how she is doing several days after having her first Kybella treatment for the submental fat beneath her chin. Kybella (Deoxycholic Acid) is the first and only FDA drug approved to treat submental fat.

If you would like any more information on these procedures, please fill out the form below and schedule a free consultation.

Oh Look, A Chicken!

Oh Look, A Chicken!

It wasn’t until I was 50 that I learned I had ADD.

Often in my life I’ve struggled with staying on task and concentrating but it wasn’t until I was 50 that testing revealed I have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Being ADD, I’m all over the place. It makes my life interesting and creative. After the diagnosis I finally began to understand myself better. I’d always had symptoms of inattention like forgetfulness, disorganization, and distractibility. That can be a concern for me at Vinesse Med Spa  because I will have to make and keep about dozens and dozens of  appointments. Plus, I always leave Vinesse Med Spa  with instructions on what to do to take care of myself until the next appointment. Dr. Lori Greenwald, nurse practitioner Amanda Scanton and aesthetician Jodi Daniels.

My ADD comes up all the time. You should see me clean house. I can start in the kitchen and then start thinking about how I need to dust the living room. Before I’m done with the dusting I’m thinking of how badly the bathroom needs cleaning. When cleaning time is over my entire house might be pulled apart but I haven’t completed any one room. My family helps through humor. Like I might be in the middle of a conversation and someone will look at me and say, “Chicken.”

See, there’s a popular T-shirt that says something like: ‘They say I have A.D.D. They just don’t understand…Oh, look, a chicken!’ Saying “chicken” is my family’s way of reminding me I’m off track and gently guiding me back with humor.

Begin Again, How Transitions Is Inspiring Me To Inspire Others.

Begin Again, How Transitions Is Inspiring Me To Inspire Others.


If you are climbing up and there is someone behind you, reach back and give them a hand.  It wasn’t long ago that I felt like all hope was lost but deep inside, I kept telling myself:

Tomorrow is another day…

Tomorrow is another day…

Perhaps tomorrow is THE day my luck will change.

For me, that day came, in part, when I met Doctor Lori Greenwald. She’s not just a doctor, she’s a visionary who is helping women to reinstate their self-esteem. Sure, you’ve seen a lot of the procedures I’ve already had done but the mission of Transitions goes deeper than that. Put it this way, it’s not just skin deep but rather, in your blood.

To me, Transitions is about beginning again and now is the time for change with the snow melting and the signs of spring already here.

Here’s a little more about my back story. I want to inspire others and show them that yes,  life can change on a dime for better or worse. However, I also want to show them that sometimes thinking outside the box and having a little faith, is all you need.

A Leap of Faith

 My story is painful for me to tell even after all these years. Like so many others during the recession, I lost my job as a human resource manager when our manufacturing plant was shut down and its jobs shipped overseas. This was my family. I thought I was going to retire there!

After searching for full-time work for nearly 10 years and taking any odd job that I could find, I knew something had to change; or rather, I had to change. What I was doing wasn’t working anymore and I knew I had to begin again! I defined myself by what I did and without work, I felt like I had lost who I was.

Boy, was I wrong.

It wasn’t until I let go that I learned to move on…

Time for change and a new game plan.

I realized at that epiphany in my life that I needed to be in control of my destiny. I no longer wanted to be an employee. I wanted to be my own boss. After much thoughtful planning and research, I found the answers for my desire to change, while brushing my teeth! Okay, kind of. 🙂

I’m launching my own business of environmentally friendly products including bamboo toothbrushes in May.

I dipped into my retirement savings but I believe the sales will allow me to more than recover my investment. With a new business like mine, financials are tricky. You can’t avoid all risk. I’ve had many expenses like UPC codes, the website costs, packaging, a logo – all these things I’ve financed as I was able. Now I’m finally buying products and I’m close to getting it out there.

So far everything’s working out. It’s a leap of faith. The finances, the sales, whatever my business will need will be there when I need it.

You stay active and move forward and things tend to work out. Like during my years of unemployment and underemployment, friends have helped keep me going. They’ve steered me to little jobs— sometimes close to minimum wage jobs—that have kept me afloat.

Keep Growing and Learning

And I gain motivation when I look around and see many other people who have started their own business, taken that leap of faith, and have made it. I met a gentleman who took a leap of faith with bouncy castles—those huge inflatables for kids’ parties. I could never do that. That had to be a big investment. But with hard work he’s turned it into a good business for himself.”

You have to let go of what you were and keep growing and keep learning and keep moving toward the future. If you don’t grow, you die sooner. Darn gone it, I’m not giving up!

I would love to hear from you about your transition!  Please  feel free to comment below and lets grow this mission together. After all, Transitions is a movement. I’d like you to come along with me. How will you begin again?

Chin Up Kid

When I lost my job as a human resource manager during the recession, a lot of people told me, “Chin up, kid. You’ll find another job.”

Well, I kept my chin up for nearly 10 years and I didn’t.

However, don’t be discouraged. Sure, I took whatever odd job I could find just to make ends meet but I never found full-time work again in my profession as a human resource manager.

I was highly trained with lots of experience but my calls for future employment went unanswered. I think a lot of it had to do with my age. I still think it’s hard to find work as a 62-year-old woman. Many people just assume I will be retiring soon. Who wants to invest in someone who could be leaving in a few years? Right?

I heard it all and for a time, I went went into a deep depression. I viewed myself by my job and without my job, I felt like I was nothing!

Wrong again.

First of all, let’s get this straight. I don’t plan on retiring anytime soon. I cut into my 401 (K) to help pay the bills and now, I’m using it to invest in my future at 62! Instead of being an employee, I am going to be the boss. Yes, I am letting go of who I was to concentrate on who I need to be now. I am so much  more than what I used to do.

That being said, things are looking up! My transitions medical make-over is helping me to look and feel my best for my new business venture. I’m going to pitching my own products on my own Youtube channel and view this as just another way to lift my self-esteem. I’m still amazed that I am starting my own Youtube channel at 62 years old. Some of my friends just have a blank look in their faces when I talk about Youtube, only to say, “What’s that?”

Chin up, they used to say! Well, now I am literally and figuratively putting my chin up!

If you haven’t seen the video yet from my first Kybella treatment check it out here. I can’t say I love needles but it really didn’t hurt that much. Kybella works just like the chemicals in your stomach to break down fat. It works on the submental fat underneath my chin and will help me put my chin up with a great big smile!

I’m almost there. 🙂

Cynthia Washburn is undergoing Kybella treatment to remove submental fat beneath her chin.

Also, Vivesse Med Spa nurse practitioner Amanda Scranton told me my chin would be swollen for several days after the treatment. You can see in the second picture where I am facing the camera that my chin is still swollen. That just means the treatment is working to dissolve the fat. It’s perfectly normal. That’s why having this treatment done now, where you can cover it with scarves and what not, is the ideal time to do it. I am still swollen and my chin feels a little tender but that’s the price I am willing to pay to have a better profile.


Wait, I Thought I Was 21?

Wait, I Thought I Was 21?

In some ways I consider myself a 21-year-old stuck in a 62-year-old’s body. I don’t mean to sound vain, but when I turned 21 years-old my mind seemed to stay there but my body, on the other hand, is not cooperating. 🙂

I still like to zipline, go whitewater rafting and travel the country. The only problem is, my veins in my legs do cause me some discomfort and let’s face it, I may be 62 year-YOUNG but I am not 21 years-OLD anymore. 🙂

I encourage everyone to try these things at least once in their lives and that is what I am hoping my transition will do for other people my age.  Don’t let people paint you into a corner or category because of your age.  Try new experiences, go on new adventures and constantly grow your mind. I don’t care if people look at me and think I am too old to ziplline, being adventurous thrills me and keeps me young at heart.

I may be 62 but I’m not stuck in the past. For example, I listen to today’s music. I’m not just listening to the music of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I’ve heard that music. I want something new now. Through adventures, music, and other things, I just keep looking forward.

Maybe this is another piece of the 21-year-old inside me. I built my first computer. It didn’t quite look like today’s latest computers but in the 1980s I took a course, a class. The leader had all the computer parts and walked us through how to put it together. I proudly walked out of that class with my first computer. That was exciting. I couldn’t afford to buy a computer at the time, but I could afford the class. I learned how to add more memory to my computer and I’d go with friends to computer shows and pick up a new hard drive or something and replace it myself. ”

I have a lot of passions. A major one I want to get back to is wood carving. I have all my tools but haven’t had the time because I’ve been working so many different jobs. I spent 10 years searching for another human resource management job like the one I lost when the company I planned to retire from closed its Connecticut office. That led to years of endless job searching and taking work at low wages just to pay the bills. Often I’ve had two low wage jobs at once. One time I had three jobs –at a convenience store, a rental store, and a hospital. I’d work six or seven days a week, get out of work at the convenience store at midnight and have to be at the hospital job at 5:30 a.m. It burnt me out real fast. I never saw my family and couldn’t make plans because I was always working.

So I’m reinventing myself. I used to define myself by my work. Now I define myself by who I am. The physical changes, the self-image changes, the confidence I’ll gain from Dr. Lori Greenwald’s work will help me succeed in my own business and in life.”

See what’s in store for Cynthia’s medical make-over here. 


A Valentine’s Day Gift

A Valentine’s Day Gift

My first visit to Vanishing Veins and Vivesse was on Valentine’s Day. That first day I got to meet everyone and it was fun getting to know them and learning about the different procedures and products. They did an ultrasound to identify any broken veins and gave me lots of information about what they’re going to do. It’s a lot to take in but I’ll get better educated and understand more as we go along.

The night of February 14th I started with the skin products—moisturizer, exfoliating cleanser, hydration serum, a skin lightener to reduce age spots, and others. They should take years off me. Actually, the morning after the first few use I already felt like the fine age lines were starting to disappear.

Raising Self-Esteem

I know after the work with Dr. Lori Greenwald and her team I’ll be able to look in the mirror and not see the wrinkles and the aging that I don’t want to see. Beyond that, I think this work will really improve my self-esteem. One reason I need that is because I’m starting my own business and have a goal of doing YouTube videos and videos on my website to sell my products. After Dr. Lori’s work, I’ll be more inclined to be my own spokesperson, do those videos, and be more comfortable because my appearance will be a little more appealing.

Through more than 10 years of unemployment and under-employment, my confidence leaked away so I’m excited about these changes both physically and internally. I absolutely think the internal, the mental and emotional changes, will be as great or greater than the physical changes.