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I Feel More Confident Than Ever Thanks To Dr. Lori Greenwald.

· Cynthia's 45th High School Reunion Is This Weekend! ·

I Feel More Confident Than Ever Thanks To Dr. Lori Greenwald.

Talk about pressure! Cynthia Washburn is having none of it!

Cynthia’s 45th high school reunion is this weekend! She’s not freaking out. She’s not worrying about what to wear. Her confidence comes from within.

“I feel better than I ever have thanks to Dr. Lori Greenwald,” Cynthia Washburn said when talking about her 45th high school reunion coming up this Saturday. “This isn’t  about fixing wrinkles, it’s about fixing self-esteem; knowing someone believes in me, makes me want to succeed. Sometimes, women my age, feel like we are forgotten. I realize now, that’s just silly. Believing is half the battle. Having someone to cheer me on is priceless. That someone is Dr. Lori Greenwald. She is investing in me when she doesn’t have to do this; her motive is only to make a difference in my life and that, she is doing!

“There have been many Cynthias since I graduated high school, but this Cynthia is the most confident and happy about her future thanks to Transitions With Dr. Lori Greenwald.” 

Wait, so you are not freaking out about seeing people you haven’t seen in 45 years?

“No way,” Cynthia said. “I’m moving forward with my career path to own my own company! It’s a work in progress and it hasn’t been easy but I know I will get there one step at a time. Thanks to Dr. Greenwald, I am taking huge leaps towards my future. Sometimes, you just need someone to believe in you. Dr. Greenwald is that person. She has helped me to reinstate my self-esteem. I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy since I lost my job 10 years ago as a human resource manager, but those days are behind me. I want to inspire people and let them know that life doesn’t slow down in your 60s, it only gets better! I always say Dr. Greenwald is my angel on Earth. I can’t thank her enough for helping me to succeed in every sense of the word and part of that means, rebuilding my self-esteem.  I know I matter. A lot of people will try to take away your self-esteem, one brick at a time, but my wall is so high, no one can knock it down. When it comes to new adventures, I say bring it on! I can’t wait to see all my old friends and hear about their lives and their own personal journeys!”

To watch Cynthia’s journey click here. 


The Beauty Of Botox by Vivesse Med Spa.

· Judi gets Botox on her forehead and around her eyes! ·

The Beauty Of Botox by Vivesse Med Spa.

Feel free to contact us for a free consultation if you are interested in getting Botox. Our practitioners are the best and will  make sure you look like you, just better!

More Transitions For Cynthia

· Sold! Cynthia is moving out of her Middletown home and moving towards her future! ·


Transitions is empowering me– not to just change my appearance–but to change my life! Thank-you Dr. Lori Greenwald. You are my angel here on Earth. 🙂

My house sold! I’m moving out but moving on with my future thanks to Dr. Lori Greenwald! Transitions is empowering me– not to just change my appearance– but to change my life! Thank-you Dr. Lori. 🙂

Going, going, gone! I’ve been trying for months to sell my house and it finally happened! It’s all part of my overall plan to work for myself and travel the country. A house is just four walls that has been holding me back. I want freedom to live where I want to and have my office travel with me.

It’s really kind of overwhelming – all of this change that’s coming my way! Starting my new business, undergoing my physical transformation, and now moving out of my home! Yup…on top of all this transition, I just sealed the deal to sell my home. I need to move out in a month! It’s great news – but honestly, I can’t get over the timing. Don’t they say everything happens in threes? Fortunately, I’ve been packing and purging since I put it on the market in October. I plan to move in with friends while I solidify plans with my business. And then, once Bunnuku is up and running, I’m going to travel around the country with my brother and sister-in-law in their small motor home.

I’m embracing the change because it’s really out of character for me. My typical approach is to think about change and then procrastinate, but the self-confidence I’ve gained from the improvements in my looks is helping me break out of my old pattern. I really credit Dr. Lori Greenwald of Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa with this overhaul in my attitude – not just in my outward appearance. I feel like if a complete stranger believes in me and my success, then I need to believe in myself.

So for now, I’m putting the packing on the fast track: I’ve been working with two consignment stores to get rid of my furniture; I’ve been sending my books to Amazon to get those sold; and I’ve reserved space in a storage facility down the street. I’ll tell you what’s given me the hardest time: the family heirlooms. I’m the only girl in my family so I’ve wound up with all of my relatives’ china and tchotchkes. It’s been an emotional torture session trying to figure out what to keep and what to give away – I’ve had to make some tough decisions. But it’s really empowering because I’ve wanted to make these changes and now I feel like I have the strength to move forward and transition into this next phase of my life.

Microneedling, What It Is And How It Works?

· Microneedling is the new rage but does it really work? Short answer, YES! ·

Microneedling, What It Is And How It Works?

By Jodi Daniels, Paramedical Aesthetican Vivesse Med Spa

Judi is doing it and now Cynthia is too!

Microneedling skin is one of the most effectual methods to rejuvenate skin tissue. Microneedling has the ability to regenerate tissue and restore the collagen lattice in the dermal layer. Very few treatments can induce elastin production; however, microneedling has the ability to synthesize elastin, as well as, increase collagen. When the skin is wounded, normal growth factors are released from platelets, this in turn causes collagen induction. When needling is performed properly, there is a controlled state of inflammation which stimulates these growth factors to rapidly heal and build more collagen.  When the skin is immediately fed with growth factors or topical vitamins, e.g., vitamin A and Vitamin C, skin begins to thicken and rejuvenate rapidly.  When the skin is healing from open wounds, a type of collagen known as collagen III is produced, which can lead to scarring. However, when one needles, the type of collagen that is synthesized is collagen I, which causes regeneration rather than scar formation.

Vivesse Med Spa offers two forms of microneedling that complement each other for skin rejuvenation. The first is medical needling, which is done with an instrument that protrudes up to 2.5mm. The benefit of this treatment is a dramatic increase in collagen induction; it is also quite effective against pigmentation issues as well. This treatment done in a series is an effectual method for reducing wrinkles and skin laxity. Three to four treatments are recommended with a follow-up of twice a year for maintenance.

The second form of needling that Vivesse offers is cosmetic needling, which increases the efficacy of medical needling when done at home. This treatment can be incorporated with or without the medical needling procedure. The main purpose of cosmetic needling is for product penetration. When you use topical agents such as growth factors, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides, etc., you are only getting 7% of that product into your skin. When you needle, you are getting 100 times that amount. Cosmetic needling creates micro-channels in the skin with a depth of 0.1 – .02mm. This allows products to bypass the top layer of the skin, thereby penetrating to the lower levels of the skin. The more holes that are created is much more important than the depth created by the needling device. When the top layer is breached, it is much easier for the molecules of the product to get into the dermis to cause cellular change. Collagen induction can only be achieved if the ingredients that are penetrated allow this. Vitamins A, C, and peptides have this ability to synthesize collagen.
Cosmetic microneedling is not injurious to the skin, nor is it painful. It can be done each night, but it is recommended to gradually work up to this amount.  Vivesse Med Spa offers a facial know as the Collagen Induction Treatment that includes the needling device and a peptide serum for the client to go home with.


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Finding Inspiration On The Shepherd’s Diet!

· Why Some Call It 'The Bible Diet.' ·

Finding Inspiration On The Shepherd’s Diet!

It’s hard to believe my daughter’s wedding is right around the corner. Just like every mother of the bride, I want to lose weight before the big day so I can fit into a smaller dress. I’m aiming to drop 40 pounds. Normally, Weight Watchers is my “go to” diet, but this time around, I’m trying something new because I can’t make the meetings with my work schedule. It’s called The Shepherd’s Diet. I saw it on Facebook and thought “Why not give it a shot?” So far, so good. In two months, I’ve lost 11 pounds. People keep telling me how great I look!

This diet is so much easier for me to follow than Weight Watchers. I don’t have to weigh food or count calories so I’m not obsessing about what I’m going to eat next. Basically, you’re eating the food that’s mentioned in the Bible. So a lot of meat, nuts, dairy and vegetables. My big splurge is strawberries, which I can have with heavy whipping cream! I love this diet because I can eat three meals a day and I’m never hungry! I figure it’s because I’m eating so much more protein, which keeps me feeling satisfied.

For breakfast I usually eat eggs scrambled with veggies, cheese and sausage or bacon. On Monday, I make enough to last the week so I can divide it up and eat it every morning before work. I admit…I’m not a huge fan of veggies so that’s a little bit of a challenge. For lunch, I have a protein and for supper, it’s a salad with some meat on it. I don’t have to keep track of anything. I just avoid sugar and carbs. The truth is, I’ve never gotten results this quick.

I had a big surprise when the dress I ordered online for the wedding arrived and it was too big! The dress is gorgeous and really flattering – it makes me look like I have a smaller waist. I’m keeping it but I need to find a good seamstress to do the alterations. At this rate, I’m sure I’ll lose more weight so I need to figure out the timing before I do the final fitting; a good problem to have, right? 🙂

The treatments with Dr. Lori have already boosted my confidence. This weight loss is just an added bonus. I knew I had to play my own role in this Transition.

Watch Cynthia’s Transition At Four Weeks!

· WARNING! What you are about to see is very cool! ·

Cynthia Washburn’s Transition with Dr. Lori Greenwald’s Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa  is still on-going but you can see by this video just how much her skin tone has changed in four weeks! Her complextion is  much brighter; a lot of her sun spots are gone and the overall tone and texture is more youthful and vibrant! Cynthia has already undergone a series of PRP Facials, Kybella double chin treatment (which is still in progress) VI Peels, HydraFacials, IPL light therapy and is using only our finest and most effective skin care products including SkinMedica and Environ. She has also had a series of spider vein treatments by Dr. Greenwald as well. Cynthia has not had any Botox of Fillers yet but will in the next few weeks. Then, you will see a much more dramatic impact in her appearance. We love Cynthia for who she is but want to help boost her self-esteem for her new career as a business owner and on-camera spokesperson! Go Cynthia! Be sure to check in next week and to see cancer survivor Judi’s Kirkpatrick’s transformation at 4 weeks!

‘ I Want My Mom To Look And Feel As Pretty As I Do On My Wedding Day.’

· "This is the opportunity she has been waiting for." Hilary said about her Mom Judi and her Transiti' medical make-over with Dr. Lori Greenwald's Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa. ·

‘ I Want My Mom To Look And Feel As Pretty As I Do On My Wedding Day.’

Hilary facetimes with her Mother Judi who is flying to Texas this weekend for her daughter’s bridal shower.

“My Mom has always been someone I looked up to for a very long time; she’s good at everything! She’s been through a lot. She is such a smart and caring woman. She took on the role of mayor for ten years; everyone knows her and everyone loves her. After her diagnosis, everything took a toll at once…

This is the opportunity she has been waiting for.

I just can’t wait to see the final results; the Mom that I see and everyone else sees, but now she’ll see it too.”

The HydraFacial MD by Vivesse Med Spa


The HydraFacial MD by Vivesse Med Spa

Jodi Daniels has more than 20 years experience in the skincare industry. She explains what the HydraFacial MD is and how it wil help to transform Judi’s skin and erase her daily reminders from her battle with cancer from her reflection. The HydraFacial MD improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, oily and congested skin.

What is the fastest way to get your skin on track?—The HydraFacial MD of course! Clients rave about the HydraFacial MD and
feel that it is the best treatment to exfoliate, extract, and deeply hydrate the skin.

“What I love about the HydraFacial MD is that it is the quickest way to resurface and invigorate your skin,” said Jodi Daniels paramedical aesthetician at Dr. Lori Greenwald’s Vivesse Med Spa.  “There is no downtime. It is non-invasive. And, it just leaves you with more radiantly beautiful skin.”

Judi has already received two Pixel Laser treatments, a VI Peel, IPL Therapy and now will undergo a series of HydraFacials.

“It’s like Botox in a bottle,” said Daniels. “One of the serums used in an advanced form of the HydraFacial can help to relax muscles in the face. Judi is an amazing woman and a survivor. We want to make sure she is red-carpet ready for her daughter’s wedding in June.”


A HydraFacial treatment consists of gently moving the HydraFacial tip across the face.  As it rubs the skin, the unique Vortex-Fusion serum delivery system is applied to your face. The multi-step treatment cleanses, evenly exfoliates and extracts to remove impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time replenishing vital nutrients including Antioxidants, Peptides, Growth Factors and Hyaluronic Acid. Thanks to the device’s unique delivery system, these ingredients are able to more effectively penetrate the skin.  LED light therapy can also be applied to enhance absorption of these skin renewal factors.

What is HydraFacial useful for?

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brightening for dull skin
  • Oily/congested skin
  • Age reversal
  • General skin maintenance

To learn more about the HydraFacial MD click here or schedule a free consultation with our highly skilled paramedical aesthetician Jodi Daniels.


Dr. Lori Greenwald & the women of Transitions with Renee DiNino

Dr. Lori Greenwald & the women of Transitions with Renee DiNino

THIS WEEK: Dr. Lori Greenwald and the women of Transitions interview with iHeart radio show host Renee DiNino.
Renee DiNino, director of community affairs, on-aIr programming for iHeartRadio in Connecticut and midday host on The River 105.9, interviews the women of Transitions. Here’s part one and two of her interview with Cynthia Washburn and Doctor Lori Greenwald of Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa, talking about Transitions and their mission to transform lives. NEXT WEEK , be sure to tune in for Judi Kirkpatrick’s interviews on Monday and Tuesday!



Transitions Featured On Better Connecticut

Transitions Featured On Better Connecticut

Better Connecticut’s Host Kara Sundlun caught up with Cynthia Washburn and Judi Kirkpatrick to see their transitions underway! Check out Cynthia getting the PRP Facial and Judi getting a HydraFacial MD.  Doctor Lori Greenwald also made painful veins in Judi’s legs virtually disappear.


Better Connecticut Filming New Story To Air This Week on WFSB-TV

Better Connecticut Filming New Story To Air This Week on WFSB-TV

Better Connecticut was in the house at Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa filming the Transitions of Judi Kirkpatrick and Cynthia Washburn  in progress! Here’s a quick look behind the scenes of what’s in store for the story. The story will air this Thursday on Better Connecticut with hosts Kara Sundlun and Scot Haney at 3 p.m on WFSB-TV 3! Be sure to tune in. We will also post the segment here on our website after it airs.



Monday Memory, Doctor Lori Greenwald Announces Transitions Winners Live On Better Connecticut

Monday Memory, Doctor Lori Greenwald Announces Transitions Winners Live On Better Connecticut

Spoiler alert! Chances are you’ve already seen this clip if you are here following Cynthia Washburn and Judi Kirkpatrick’s Transitions. But just incase you are just starting to follow their journeys, we wanted to rewind a little to February 10th! That’s when Dr. Lori Greenwald of Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa surprised both Cynthia and Judi that they both were going to move on as winners of our Transitions Medical Make-over. 🙂