Notes From My 45th High School Reunion.

· Cynthia Washburn's notes from her 45th high school reunion. ·

May 8, 2017 Comments Off on Notes From My 45th High School Reunion.

"There's a part of me that is still that kid, now more hopeful than ever about my future."

Talk about a blast from the past. This weekend, I was in it, knee-deep and loving every minute of it.

The last high school reunion I attended was my 10th! A lot has changed since then for me and my friends but what a joy it was to reconnect with people from my past and talk with them in the present! Yes, we all have changed. No question. But as I looked around the room, at so many faces, my mind morphed the faces of today into the faces of the past. I didn’t want to make this just about me because it was about all of us! We all were sharing a moment in time where the past became the present and all those memories from so long ago, came flooding back in an instant.

I wasn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, a popular kid. I wasn’t connected to any one group but I was fortunate–in that–I was able connect with everyone, in some small way, that allowed me to get to know so many of my classmates. I laughed and smiled so much Saturday night that my jaw was beginning to hurt. What a lucky woman I am to have these people in my life once again.

So many memories. How I remember the pep rallies, when the entire Gymnasium would erupt into pandemonium. The light blotted out from the clouds of confetti and streamers, the deafening sound of cheering and stomping of our feet on the wooden bleachers. We were so proud to cheer on our teams!

Breakfast at the local diner.

Sometime, I would meet up with my friends and slip-out to breakfast at the local diner. One particular morning,  we were in that diner with the Jukebox cranking out the songs of the day, laughing and having a great time; then, the door opened! In walked our vice-principal! Whoa! Talk about a deer caught in headlights! The entire room froze in fear. He sat at the counter ordered a coffee and in a booming voice said, “Anyone from Woodrow Wilson High still in this room by the time I finish my coffee is suspended!” We all ran for the door like a buffalo stampede. Doors slammed, engines started, cars peeled out of the parking lot and we were back in the school library panting after the sprint from the school parking lot. Ha! Made it that time. Whew! We were not bad kids, we were mischievous, testing the limits as do most kids.

As adults, we still are testing our limits. Many of us starting new lives in retirement, in business, ever-changing, ever morphing. But still the kids of 1972. Forever those kids of 1972.

For me, this journey begins again as I continue towards my path of owning my own business! My transition is two-fold; reinventing myself at 62 and rebuilding my self-esteem, thanks to Dr. Lori Greenwald.

As I look forward to tomorrow, I have learned to live for today!

My memories from this weekend were so wonderful and personal.These memories, and so many more,  flooded back to me. At the end of the nigh, we gathered for a group photo and one voice, joined by many, sang out our school chant.

“We are the Wild Cats! The mighty, mighty Wild Cats! Every where we go, people want to know, who we are? So we tell them! We are the Wild Cats! The mighty, mighty Wild Cats!”

With that, our evening ended, having renewed friendships, updated contacts, elated hearts and promises of meeting before and again at our 50th. We are The Wild Cats! Woodrow Wilson High School Class of 1972! There’s a part of me that is still that kid, now more hopeful than ever about my future!

Thanks Dr. Lori Greenwald for your role in my journey to tomorrow.


Cynthia Washburn