Judi Showered With Compliments At Daughter’s Wedding

April 25, 2017 Comments Off on Judi Showered With Compliments At Daughter’s Wedding

I’m still riding the high of my daughter’s shower – even though I’ve been back for two weeks now! She looks great and seems so happy! It’s such a rewarding feeling as a mother to see her glow. The great thing is: I’m glowing too; thanks to all of the treatments I’m receiving from Dr. Lori. My daughter Hilary – and all of my friends in Texas – have been following my Transitions journey on Facebook every step of the way but I think they were surprised with the results when they saw me in person. Everyone said I looked really good. The best part is: I feel like I look really good, too! These treatments make me look like a younger version of myself.

I feel so much more confident preparing for Hilary’s “Big Day” compared to how beaten down and aged I felt at my son’s wedding a year ago. It’s so empowering! I think the biggest boost to my appearance actually came from the fillers I got this week. I told Amanda it was so easy to put blush on now because I can finally see my cheeks again. There’s still a little bruising and swelling which is totally normal. Once the side effects subside, I know I’ll be even more amazed at how I’ve managed to reclaim my youth.

I would recommend the fillers to anyone. You can see the results immediately! My friends told me if they had the money, they would absolutely do some of these procedures themselves. That made me realize, once again, how lucky I am to receive this exclusive pampering. I still have several more treatments to go so I know when they see me for the wedding in June, there will be even bigger changes.. Next up: Botox. And, a bonus: I have a dentist from Manchester named Dr. Daar who is working with me to whiten my teeth. I never expected this! He heard about my story and wants to help improve my smile! So instead of avoiding the camera at the wedding, I’ll be jumping in front of it…and beaming !

Judi Kirkpatrick