I Want To Invest In Myself Like Dr. Lori Greenwald Is Investing In Me.

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April 4, 2017 2 Comments

I need to show Dr. Lori that I can finish my goal and invest in myself the way she is investing in me.

I know what Dr. Lori Greenwald would say; You need to do it for yourself. 

I know and I understand but there is a part of me, that wants to be successful for her too.

She’s investing so much time and money in me that quite honestly, I don’t want to let her down. There is a lot of pressure when it comes to starting your own business and I am starting to feel the heat now.

This is where my awesome business coach comes in…

New Game Plan. New Direction. 

Cynthia with her business coach Kim Kasparian of Success Genie of Milford.

That first consultation with Kim really helped motivate me to map out a business plan for Bunnuku. I spent hours the following weekend filling out the Business Plan Guide she emailed me. One of the things I quickly realized by going over all the questions is that I need to get some help financing the business. Up to this point, I’ve been selling stocks from my retirement portfolio to cover costs for website design, packaging, logo creation, you name it. I’m really hoping Kim can help me figure out a way to get some working capital – maybe a loan – because I realize there are risks associated with starting a business and I need to be prepared for the roadblocks.

One of the sections in the business guide deals with “knowing your competition.” It just so happens I recently learned there’s already a company selling all-natural toothbrushes but I had no idea how big it was! Initially, this intimidated me, but I’m actually encouraged on some level because it means there’s a market out there; I feel like this other company blazed the trail, opened the doors, and now it will be easier for me to get in on the action.

Kim helped me to realize just how critical a marketing plan is to launch a new product. I’m planning to get the toothbrushes on Amazon first to build some capital and then I’ll start approaching stores. When these toothbrushes land on store shelves, they really need to stand out. So I’ve decided to redesign the original packaging, which was going to be an all-natural shade of brown – kind of drab. I’ve been concerned it would not grab anyone’s attention so I met with the graphics designer the other day to brainstorm for a new, eye-catching look. We decided to make the packages white with an opening so consumers can actually see the wooden handle and the shape of the brush. My thought is white will be cleaner and sharper. I realize you have to think like this if you want your product to stand out. People will be able to see how much sturdier these brushes are than the run-of-the-mill plastic kind.

I have to say the work I’m doing with Kim and Success Genie is focusing me on being successful. I feel that I owe that to myself and to Dr. Lori Greenwald for all that she is doing for me. I need to show Dr. Lori that I can finish my goal and invest in myself the way that she and her staff have invested in me.

Cynthia Washburn


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