A Patient Once Again.

I’ve been told I have a high tolerance for pain because the side effects from arsenic, used as my chemotherapy, really weren’t that bad. Sure, I had headaches, was nauseous and slept all the time but I didn’t lose all my hair. However, It did fall out in patches but I still didn’t have to wear a wig.

Not even poison could take away my hair but it did prematurely age me; I feel like I look ten years older.

Today, I am a patient once again. Except this time, I’m not fighting for my life, I’m just fighting to get my life back to the way it was…

Once upon a time…

We teach our children to believe in happy endings and fairytales; now,  I feel like I am living one of my own. Dr. Lori Greenwald is determined to help me with my transition to erase the daily reminders of cancer I see in my reflection. You might call her my very own fairy godmother/doctor. 🙂

Dr. Greenwald shares a smile with Judi Kirkpatrick during her vein procedure.

With every procedure, I see a part of me coming back to the way I looked before I had cancer. And this week was a busy week at Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa. I went in for my second vein treatment. I admit it’s a little bit uncomfortable but the pay off is worth the discomfort. I can already see a big difference in my legs after the first treatment, which was only two weeks ago. I used the all-natural healing supplement Arnica to reduce the swelling and bruising and it worked really well. I’m relieved that Dr. Lori Greenwald is treating my varicose and spider veins now because my legs will look so much better by then end of May, when I head back to Texas for my daughter’s wedding. She hasn’t seen me in person since the end of September, so I’m sure she will be in shock at my transformation!

(Left to Right) HydraFacial MD, IPL light therapy for sun spots on her chest, PIxel laser skin resurfacing.

In addition to the veins, I had Juvashape to tighten up the skin under my neck and an IPL photofacial, which uses pulses of light to reduce age lines. It takes a little planning to manage the appointments with my work schedule but I’m blessed because my boss is very flexible since I put in so many hours at Chlor- Alkali. Not to mention that the guys at the plant love watching my progress! They think I’m brave to endure these treatments. But then again, they’re guys. They don’t understand the price of beauty. 😉

Cancer Campground, Right This Way.

Honestly, trying to keep all my appointments at Dr. Lori Greenwald’s Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa is nothing. This is a piece of cake compared to the arsenic infusions that cured my leukemia. It’s really no big deal running to Dr. Lori’s a few times a week – I mean, I lived in a camper on a campground next to the hospital when I was treated for cancer. That was a dark time. My husband had relocated to Connecticut and the treatment schedule was so intense I needed to stay close by because we lived an hour and a half from the hospital. Fortunately, my son would come and stay with me to keep me company. The campground was full of cancer patients like me, who were all undergoing daily treatment. Not exactly what I’d consider a vacation, but it definitely was convenient.

A cancer campground, I don’t think that would go over as a big travel destination for anyone but for me, it was part of my journey to where I am today. I just can’t wait to see my daughter on her wedding day and I want to make her proud of me,  just like I am of her. And I am so grateful to Dr. Lori and her amazing staff for helping me to get there.

To hear Doctor Lori talk about Judi’s transition click here. 


Judi Kirkpatrick