David Kirkpatrick talks about his wife Judi and her battle with cancer. To read more about their story and how they fought cancer together click here.  David was transferred to Connecticut during her Judi’s  treatment but he flew back to Connecticut on weekends to be with his wife. During all this, David says  his wife just wanted to be there for everyone else.


My husband David is my rock. He’s been by my side through the cancer diagnosis, the cancer treatments, the cancer recovery, the Vivesse Med Spa procedures–through every step of this Transitions journey. He’s been there for me, supporting me, and cheering me on.

David already sees a difference since Dr. Lori Greenwald began working with me a few weeks ago. In fact, the people at work, my friends, everyone wants me to keep them updated and they all say my appearance is improving. To a woman like me (who is no longer considered young in this youth culture but who has a lot of good living yet to do) it feels great to see people examine my face watch as the light goes on in their eyes and a smile come to their face.  TO READ MORE OF JUDI’S BLOG, CLICK HERE.