If you are climbing up and there is someone behind you, reach back and give them a hand.  It wasn’t long ago that I felt like all hope was lost but deep inside, I kept telling myself:

Tomorrow is another day…

Tomorrow is another day…

Perhaps tomorrow is THE day my luck will change.

For me, that day came, in part, when I met Doctor Lori Greenwald. She’s not just a doctor, she’s a visionary who is helping women to reinstate their self-esteem. Sure, you’ve seen a lot of the procedures I’ve already had done but the mission of Transitions goes deeper than that. Put it this way, it’s not just skin deep but rather, in your blood.

To me, Transitions is about beginning again and now is the time for change with the snow melting and the signs of spring already here.

Here’s a little more about my back story. I want to inspire others and show them that yes,  life can change on a dime for better or worse. However, I also want to show them that sometimes thinking outside the box and having a little faith, is all you need.

A Leap of Faith

 My story is painful for me to tell even after all these years. Like so many others during the recession, I lost my job as a human resource manager when our manufacturing plant was shut down and its jobs shipped overseas. This was my family. I thought I was going to retire there!

After searching for full-time work for nearly 10 years and taking any odd job that I could find, I knew something had to change; or rather, I had to change. What I was doing wasn’t working anymore and I knew I had to begin again! I defined myself by what I did and without work, I felt like I had lost who I was.

Boy, was I wrong.

It wasn’t until I let go that I learned to move on…

Time for change and a new game plan.

I realized at that epiphany in my life that I needed to be in control of my destiny. I no longer wanted to be an employee. I wanted to be my own boss. After much thoughtful planning and research, I found the answers for my desire to change, while brushing my teeth! Okay, kind of. 🙂

I’m launching my own business of environmentally friendly products including bamboo toothbrushes in May.

I dipped into my retirement savings but I believe the sales will allow me to more than recover my investment. With a new business like mine, financials are tricky. You can’t avoid all risk. I’ve had many expenses like UPC codes, the website costs, packaging, a logo – all these things I’ve financed as I was able. Now I’m finally buying products and I’m close to getting it out there.

So far everything’s working out. It’s a leap of faith. The finances, the sales, whatever my business will need will be there when I need it.

You stay active and move forward and things tend to work out. Like during my years of unemployment and underemployment, friends have helped keep me going. They’ve steered me to little jobs— sometimes close to minimum wage jobs—that have kept me afloat.

Keep Growing and Learning

And I gain motivation when I look around and see many other people who have started their own business, taken that leap of faith, and have made it. I met a gentleman who took a leap of faith with bouncy castles—those huge inflatables for kids’ parties. I could never do that. That had to be a big investment. But with hard work he’s turned it into a good business for himself.”

You have to let go of what you were and keep growing and keep learning and keep moving toward the future. If you don’t grow, you die sooner. Darn gone it, I’m not giving up!

I would love to hear from you about your transition!  Please  feel free to comment below and lets grow this mission together. After all, Transitions is a movement. I’d like you to come along with me. How will you begin again?

Cynthia Washburn