Doctor Lori Greenwald may have temporarily lost her voice but her mission to transform women’s lives is as strong as ever. For weeks now,  the two winners of our Transitions medical make-over have been undergoing several procedures from our Med Spa services but this week, cancer survivor and soon to be mother-of-the-bride, Judi Kirkpatrick,  underwent procedures for the painful veins in her legs. Judi says the veins in her legs cause her major pain and burning especially when she has been on her feet all day. Dr. Greenwald preformed several procedures to alleviate that pain and more work needs to be done over the next several weeks. Check out the video from one of the procedures Dr. Greenwald preformed. Judi said she felt a little pinch, then a little burning and then the pain was gone. Read more here to learn about the personal moments Dr. Lori and Judi shared before the procedure.


February 28, 2017