Dr. Lori Greenwald and Judi Kirkpatrick share a tender moment, looking at pictures from Dr. Greenwald’s son’s effort to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Judi lost a nephew who was 4 years old—to cancer.

Dr. Lori Greenwald may have lost her voice, but she continues to speak for those who need the most help.

She is known for empowering middle-aged women and now, she is taking on yet another big cause for the littlest victims, children battling cancer.

Childhood cancer research is a family passion and mission. Dr. Greenwald just got back from cheering on her son Benjamin Stein and his efforts at college to raise money for pediatric cancer with a grand finale, 48 hour dance-a-thon to raise for more research. Read more about THON here and its mission to end pediatric cancer. The entire time, Dr. Greenwald was there to cheer on her son which no doubt contributed to her temporary laryngitis; a small price to pay for such an important fight.

“This really got to me” Dr. Greenwald said. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. Love your kids. Hold them tightly and take nothing for granted.”

Judi, a cancer survivor herself, was moved by Dr. Lori’s family mission to help children battling this dreadful disease.

“I lost my four-year old nephew to cancer,” Kirkpatrick said with tears in her eyes. “He was two years old when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He fought real hard but in the end, God had other plans for him. I applaud Dr. Lori in her efforts. We need more people like her and her son Benjamin to help those children who just want to be kids.”

Vanishing Veins and Vivesse Med Spa donated five dollars for every patient seen during the month of December to pediatric cancer research totaling close to  $3500.