In some ways I consider myself a 21-year-old stuck in a 62-year-old’s body. I don’t mean to sound vain, but when I turned 21 years-old my mind seemed to stay there but my body, on the other hand, is not cooperating. 🙂

I still like to zipline, go whitewater rafting and travel the country. The only problem is, my veins in my legs do cause me some discomfort and let’s face it, I may be 62 year-YOUNG but I am not 21 years-OLD anymore. 🙂

I encourage everyone to try these things at least once in their lives and that is what I am hoping my transition will do for other people my age.  Don’t let people paint you into a corner or category because of your age.  Try new experiences, go on new adventures and constantly grow your mind. I don’t care if people look at me and think I am too old to ziplline, being adventurous thrills me and keeps me young at heart.

I may be 62 but I’m not stuck in the past. For example, I listen to today’s music. I’m not just listening to the music of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I’ve heard that music. I want something new now. Through adventures, music, and other things, I just keep looking forward.

Maybe this is another piece of the 21-year-old inside me. I built my first computer. It didn’t quite look like today’s latest computers but in the 1980s I took a course, a class. The leader had all the computer parts and walked us through how to put it together. I proudly walked out of that class with my first computer. That was exciting. I couldn’t afford to buy a computer at the time, but I could afford the class. I learned how to add more memory to my computer and I’d go with friends to computer shows and pick up a new hard drive or something and replace it myself. ”

I have a lot of passions. A major one I want to get back to is wood carving. I have all my tools but haven’t had the time because I’ve been working so many different jobs. I spent 10 years searching for another human resource management job like the one I lost when the company I planned to retire from closed its Connecticut office. That led to years of endless job searching and taking work at low wages just to pay the bills. Often I’ve had two low wage jobs at once. One time I had three jobs –at a convenience store, a rental store, and a hospital. I’d work six or seven days a week, get out of work at the convenience store at midnight and have to be at the hospital job at 5:30 a.m. It burnt me out real fast. I never saw my family and couldn’t make plans because I was always working.

So I’m reinventing myself. I used to define myself by my work. Now I define myself by who I am. The physical changes, the self-image changes, the confidence I’ll gain from Dr. Lori Greenwald’s work will help me succeed in my own business and in life.”

See what’s in store for Cynthia’s medical make-over here. 


Cynthia Washburn